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Jan 17, 2006 05:30 PM

Thai Food in Palo Alto

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Can anyone recommend an outstanding Thai restaurant in Palo Alto to eat lunch at on Saturday afternoons?

I've been to King Siam - pretty good and saw another one called Thaiphoon - very catchy name - but has anyone eaten there? Thanks! and happy eating!

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    The Scribbler

    If you're not averse to driving to the San Antonio Shopping Center, Krung Thai (590 Showers, right next to Trader Joe's), is quite good (it's a branch of a place in SJ by the same name). I haven't been there in maybe 6-7 months, but the last time I went, it was quite good and reasonably priced.

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      I absolutely agree with this. I live in Palo Alto and haven't really found any great Thai places. Mountain View isn't that far to go. Plus you can stop in at Trader Joes and do some shopping for the rest of the week.

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        I recently had lunch at Thaiphoon and I can't recommend it. It has a pleasant atmosphere, but the food is definitely below standard. I'd second (third?) the suggestion that you try the place in the San Antonio mall.

      2. I work in Palo Alto and drive all the way to Amarin Thai on Castro Street in Mountain View for Thai food. Haven't found any decent Thai places in Palo Alto. Amarin Thai has a nice atmosphere, consistent food, love the tofu, green beans in red curry sauce from their vegetarian menu.