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Aug 7, 2007 09:48 AM

Buffalo Wings in Buffalo

Who makes the best Buffalo Wings in Buffalo? I've heard of the Anchor Bar, Duffs and Brennon's Bowery Bar and everyone has there opinion. So tell me who has the best and why?

I'm heading that way and want to check out the best.

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  1. Elmo's on Millersport. Large wings (important to have a decent ratio of meat to skin, or the wing will be too greasy), right amount of heat, crispy (sauce should be a coating on the wing that is barely perceptible --it becomes one with the wing -- otherwise, it gets soggy).

    1. Well, it sure isn't the Anchor Bar or Duffs! I guess it depends on whether you're a student at SUNY, in which case you only know wing joints near campus or whether you're a native.
      Me, I think some of the best wings are served at BarBill in East Aurora. I also think LaNova wings are pretty good (W. Ferry St.).

      1. I did the Anchor Bar wing thing years ago because of it's reputation as the originator of hot wings. I had the same trepidations and hopeful optimism as the scarecrow and the tinman greeting the wiz. The Holy Grail. The genesis. Soon to be on my table.
        My only take-away was the preponderance of cobwebs enveloping all the bric-a-brac on the walls. At first I thought it must be a decorative halloween theme. But it wasn't October.

        1. Anchor was disappointing. I had some very good wings at a place named Gabriel's Gate.

          1. Anchor Bar is fun to go to (although the bar's Jazz singer passed away recently), but the wings aren't actually that great. Duff's medium hot wings are a saucy heaven. Someone mentioned Gabriel's Gate--go there for burgers...some of the best in Blo.