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Aug 7, 2007 09:43 AM

Lemonade by the Glass

I'm looking for the perfect lemonade-by-the-glass recipe. I have simple syrup and lemons. What proportion of lemon juice to simple syrup (2 parts sugar/one part water) to water should I use?

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  1. I think lemonade sweetness is a personal preference. I would just experiment until I got it just the way I wanted... then replicate!

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      Agreed - perfection is in the tastebuds of the beholder. Mrs. ricepad prefers lemonade much sweeter than I do, which is odd, because she has a much higher tolerance for tartness in general.

    2. Start with a shot of simple syrup, juice of half a lemon, ice and top off with water. Add syrup or more juice to taste. Keep in mind, that lemons vary in their tartness, so you may have to adjust as you go along.

      Now that you have your syrup you can play with limeade and orangade as well.

      A straw is mandatory, for me --makes it taste better :)

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        1. I have to agree that sweetness is a personal taste- I like mine really tart so i ad a lot less sugar- One thing i really do love is topping it with ice and club soda instead of water- that sparkle is really nice! :)

        2. Thanks, everybody. I do like the sparkling water idea - now, why did I never come up with that. An inexpensive prosecco is probably not too bad either.