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Aug 7, 2007 09:40 AM

Asian grocery stores in San Antonio

We just moved to San Antonio from the East coast and I'm want to hear if anyone has any suggestions for the best asian groceries? I've found a couple by searching online but don't know if they're any good and don't have the time to check everything out if possible.

any suggestions????



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  1. There are several along Bandera road, from just south of Callaghan to just north of Huebner. The best is probably Tim's, on the east side of Bandera just north of Huebner. There is also an excellent chinese rest across the street, Kim Wah BBQ, order off of the Chinese menu.

    1. There is a Korean market near Koreana at 1003 Rittiman Road. You can find good thin sliced meat for hotpot. Tim's is the one that I usually go to if I don't have time to go to the REAL chinese supermarket in Austin.

      1. I'll usually check out this place on Bandera Rd near Callaghan, inside the loop, called Oriental Market.
        There's also Niki's Grocery (I think) off Hildebrand and Blanco.
        It's behind Niki's Tokyo Inn.
        They are tucked away and carry a lot of Japanese things, but also general Asian stuff.

        1. There is also hung phong supermarket off of remount (inbetween rittiman and eisenhaur rd)

          1. There used to be an Asian grocery store near Ft Sam right off I-35. They had many different items, including dishes and cookware. Is it still there? I may be in SA this fall and want to know.

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              That may be the Hung Phong Market on Remount.There is also TNK Market on north New Braunfels
              near Fort Sam , but you have to get there from IH35,as you can no longer cut through Fort Sam to get there.

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                Thank you, HollyDolly. I think it was the TNK on N. New Braunfels just outside of Ft. Sam. I remember that it was close to I-35, but I haven't been to SA in many years, although I lived there in the 70s. And I didn't realize that Ft. Sam is now closed to through traffic, although I'm not surprised.