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Aug 7, 2007 09:26 AM

Restaurant in Chalfont

I live in Los Angeles, but need to find a restaurant in Chalfont for about 15 to 20 people in September on a Friday for lunch.

Any suggestions?

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  1. El Sarape is a popular choice for Mexican food. Also in Chalfont is the Duck Deli. The atmosphere is very casual (not upscale in the least) but the food is absolutely delicious. They have one of the best tuna hoagies I've ever had.

    I'm not sure if you need to stay right in Chalfont, but Doylestown is a very a very short distance. There are quite a few options along the main street, you can search these boards fro some good suggestions.

    1. What kind of food are you looking for?

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        I'm looking for something nice, but not too casual. This is for a luncheon after a memorial service at St. John Neumann Cemetery. While, I love Mexican, I don't think it would work for this group. Somplace that serves alcohol with a varied menu would be best - seafood, steak, chicken, etc.

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          Its a short drive from Chalfont but Plumsteadville Inn is very popular for those types of events. Varied American menu. Very pretty, traditional atmosphere.

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            Ok, that's at County Line and Upper State Rd.
            I'd suggest the Joseph Ambler Inn, which isn't too far from where you'll be. Upscale with drinks, open for lunch Mon through Fri. Probably take you five to ten minutes to get there.
            1005 Horsham Road, North Wales, Pennsylvania 19454
            Phone: 215.362.7500

            There's also a place called Ariana's nearby, but they are BYOB. More casual than the J.A. Inn. You'll be very close to a PA liquor store, so you could stop in there and get some wine before you go.
            981 N Wales Rd, North Wales, PA 19454 (215) 362-7505

        2. Borghi's at 202 and 152 can handle large groups very nicely. The atmosphere is appropriate for a memorial luncheon, and there is a private room upstairs. 215-997-1188.
          The menu is what you seem to want and they have a full service bar. I've planned and attended a number of dinner meetings there and have been quite pleased with the results.

          1. Mama D's on Rt.611 is about 20 minute from where you will be. It is an Italian restaurant on the grounds of a winery. The menu has everything from salads and sandwiches to a wide variety of entrees. Prices are reasonable for both the quality and quantity.

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              I second Mamma D's in Pipersville. Amazing homemade italian food and wine. Friendly service, family owned. They can easily accomodate your party.

            2. Thanks for the suggestions. You have made my life easier. I've checked out the websites for all the restaurants, and any of them would work. The prices are so reasonable compared to comparable places in LA. I don't think I want to do the State Store thing, since I don't have any idea what these people like to drink.

              Can you tell me which of the three (Ambler Inn, Borghi's, Mama D's) is closest to the cemetery? I would like to keep the driving to a minimum, since many of the folks coming will have already driven a considerable distance.


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                Borghi's is within 3 miles, and without too much traffic, should be only 5 minutes away. Joseph Ambler is not much farther than that. Mama D's is on the other side of Doylestown and could take 15 minutes or so if traffic is heavy that day.

                1. re: sgiord

                  Both Borghi's and Joseph Ambler are the same distance away from the cemetary...about 2.5 miles. Both are also very easy to get to. Parking at the JA is easier than at Borghi's. Both have good food and a nice atmosphere and both serve drinks.
                  Mama D's is a further drive. I'd say closer to 20 minutes from where you're at, and a bit more confusing to get to (in my opinion, since you either have to go through Doylestown or on the bypass to get there. I think Mama D's also has very good food, just is further away.

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                    Having lived in the Chalfont area for over 30 years and having eaten at both Joseph Ambler and Borghi's, I'd definitely go from SJN to Joseph Ambler. Borghi's is just OK Italian.

                    1. re: bucksguy14

                      Based on the recommendations here, the distance from the cemetery, the menu, and what I saw on the website, I think I am going to choose the Joseph Ambler.

                      Thanks to everyone for your suggestions and help.