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Aug 7, 2007 09:03 AM

Maine - Canadian Border

Heading to the Maritimes in September. Looking for something good in Northern Maine for night brfore/ night we return. We're going into New Bunswick via Rte 9/Rte 1.

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  1. There's a smokehouse just over the border in New Brunswick heading east. It specializes in smoked salmon for $20 Canadian/lb. We bought a packet of salmon jerky which was addictive for $5.50. The place is called Ovenhead Salmon Smokers It's in a town called Bethel (follow the signs).

    1. trail6,
      I would think about overnighting on the Canadian side in beautiful St. Andrews. Where you may have more options and your dollar will go further. Do a search on the "Canada" board. I know the Rossmount Inn of St. Andrews is very highly regarded.


      1. Afraid there's not too much by that border. I love both Eastport and Lubec, but dining--make that eating--in either is a bit of a crapshot. Had dinner a few weeks ago at Eastport's Chowder House, no atmosphere and the table shook from the jukebox downstairs, but my salmon was good. Not really much else in town. The WaCo sold, and reports weren't too good, so i didn't go. A new fancypants restaurant is supposed to open eventually in the old Mexican place, but judging from the look of the place, it will be a while. There's a place in Perry just before the Eastport turn that's got great lobster rolls and a good rep for other homestyle fare.

        Lubec has Uncle Kippy's, eh, and the Homeport, pricey for what you get. It also has Monica's Chocolates--to die for, and Bold Coast Smokehouse, with some of the best smoked fish and pates I've ever tasted--yes, better than the ones around Schoodic area. If you go, don't miss the lemon-garlic smoked salmon kabobs.

        St. Andrews is wonderful, and the Rossmount is a real treat.

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          Mainegal is spot on, again. Downeast Maine (Washington County) is very depressed economically and there are some restaurants aimed at the tourist buck and fail to deliver. But since you are driving the airline(Rt 9), wild and wooley, you will bypass the coast and arrive at Calais (prounced Callus). There is a good seafood restaurant overlooking the river and a decent Italian one too, but best of all is a great hot dog joint in a white house on the left before the border crossing. Even Canadians cross the border for them.

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            Thanks for all the great replies. AAA mentions a place about 12 miles away: Redclyffe Shores. Is that the "good seafood restaurant"?

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              We drove up to Lubec and loaded up at the Bold Coast Smokehouse- Smoked Lobstah Pate, smoked haddock, smoked halibut, smoked peppered mackeral, garlic and pepper smoked salmon kebabs, and basil smoked mussels. So far we've tried the lobster pate and the haddock, and both were divine. I'm planning a taste test of Bold Coast smoked mussels, Grindstone Neck smoked mussels, and the Ducktrap ones (the brand Whole Foods carries).

              1. re: Gin and It

                Vinny's smoked goods at Bold Coast are fanatastic, and he's a good guy, too. Grindstone Neck and Sullivan Harbor also both excellent smokehouses for fish, but I think Ducktrap has slipped big time since it was sold.

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                  Thank you all (esp MEGal) for this tip about Vinny's smokehouse. We agree heartily that this is some delicious stuff. We stopped and also loaded up -- salmon kabobs at the reversing falls near Pembroke. Now that's a really, really memorable experience.

                  MEGal -- I'm hoping to find a "hardcopy" of that iceage trailmap you mentioned elsewhere today in Orono. Try looking for glaciomarine delta like that near Schoodic mountain for the sandy/gravelly soil favored by blueberries. Check out the Audobon Society Field Guide to the natural places of the NE - coastal -- section on Schoodic Mountain. Those hints might help you utilize the map for blueberry hunting.