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Best places for an Anniversary Dinner

Any suggestions on the perfect restaurant for an anniversary dinner?

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  1. I recommend Aureole, Bouley, Eleven Madison Park and Danube for the perfect restaurant for an anniversary dinner.

    1. Blue Hill. Outstanding food in a romantic setting.

      1. We just celebrated our anniversary at Gramercy Tavern. It was fabulous. Ordered the vegetarian tasting menu and had the option to change some things. Our fantastic waiter recommended the trout and it was melt in your mouth delish. We had fabulous service and food.

        Celebrated my birthday at Danube and would never go back.(see another thread posted a few min. ago)

        1. Robuchon @ Four Seasons Hotel

          1. We also celebrated our anniversary at Danube and was very disappointed. It is a beautiful room, in my opinion, but the experience was sub-par. I've posted about it recently.

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              We tried to celebrate my birthday with friends last year. My birthday is in july. we were lead to the back of the room and it was extremely hot.
              they moved us to another table and proceeded to forget about us. wWhen we asked about our order it finally came out.
              It was so horrible that they compt our entire meal.
              this year we celebrated my birthday at Del Posto. We love that restaurant, so fr they have not made a mistake.

            2. Blue Hill is just such good food and romantic and cool. But, if you really want to splurge, go to Le Bernardin!

              1. Thank you for all of the great suggestions! You have all been very helpful. What about Tocquville? or The Place?

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                  My brother and his wife just had their anniversary at The Place. They loved the space, said it was very romantic, but weren't too impressed with the food, which they said was solid but unspectacular.

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                      Maybe it was because I was there in the daytime, but the room didn't strike me as romantic at all, more like urban cool. I wasn't too impressed with the food either.

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                        I have a different opinion about Blue Hill. The decor is nice enough, but seating along the banquettes (which is where all the tables for two are located) is extremely close. For me, that eliminates it from the romantic category.

                        With regard to Town, being there during the daytime vs the evening doesn't make any difference. It's a towering subterranean space with drop-dead gorgeous decor. So, definitely not intimate though it does have a celebratory feel. You can view photos on their website.


                        As for Tocqueville, we had a superb dinner there in early July. The space is much grander than their original location and quite elegant but, again, if cozy is what you are looking for, you won't find it there. You can see a photo of the dining room on the website.


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                          Avoid Danube at all costs...Went there for an important celebration and were treatly poorly (RUDE and UNCARING)...a follow-up complaint letter to owner Bouley resulted in a phone call from the maitre d', who made excuses...it was a rainy night, we were short staffed, etc. He invited me back to prove me wrong, but never offered to pick up the tab or give me a refund for my truly terrible experience. Stay away...