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Aug 7, 2007 08:54 AM

norwalk ct help..quick lunch spots/ethinic delis?.

they are remodeling our cafeteria at work (not that it ever had good food in the first place..)

We are looking for good quick palces to grab lunch in the vicinity of the Hospital...

any good ethinic grocery/delis? hispanic, caribean, middle eastern (need good hummous/falafel etc), greek, vegetarian, indian? italian with something other than a sub/grinder/hero or pizza)
stuff that is quick good, priced right and occaisionally healthy...

we need a good reliable list to rotate thru as we are projected to be out of luck until after the holidays (yep, xmas)

thanks in advance

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  1. Check out some of the restaurants on Wall Street. Ambrosia probably does take out orders, also there are several Mexican places on Wall street or Main.
    Please give us reports on what you discover!

    1. by far the best lunch spot jfood has found in that area is The Lime across rom Brandman's on 123. The blackened chicken w avocado on a wrap is outstanding. A good idea is to split the sandwich and the hummus platter between two people.

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        I agree The Lime is nice. More on the dive side is...Swanky Franks on Rte 1, I like the fries with chili. further on Rte 1 is Bagelz international deli. They do an okay felafel wrap. Salads too. There is also an Indian Restaurant that I have not been to in several years, in that same strip of Stores on the Corner of Taylor and Rte 1.Also there is The Post Road Diner, which was good seven years ago.
        There was a sandwich and salad place next to the Gap in the Loehmans plaza, That is across the street from the Y. however I have not been there in seven years.!

      2. For Indian go to Bonani on New Canaan Ave in Broadriver. The **BEST** indian around.

        Try out Valencia Luncheria on Main Ave, across from Dairy King. They have awesome arepas and other Venezuelan food.

        There's a falafel place on Westport Avenue but i haven't tried it yet...

        1. i agree with sfoss....Valencia Luncheria is the BEST place to grab a quick bite to eat. there are so many kinds of arepas, etc. to choose from and each is only a few dollars so you can mix and match. be sure to ask for a side of the green sauce if you're taking food to go (it's to die for, and i still haven't figured out what's in it besides some obvious lime and cilantro). in addition, they make an excellent side of rice and beans (it sounds silly, but so many places just can't turn out some decent rice).

          also, there is an excellent fine prepared-foods shop/bakery/sandwich shop in the goodwives shopping center (in darien...the same plaza with the darien cheese shop)

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