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Aug 7, 2007 08:54 AM

Red Ancho Chili Powder

I live in London, ON and would like to know where I can buy red ancho chili pepper. I have purchased it in Santa Fe and in Vancouver but am looking for a local (ON) supplier. I use it in place of black pepper so am looking to buy more than a little packet. If you know where I can buy green chili, that would be wonderful, also.
Thanks so much.

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  1. Um... I have some by McCormicks. That I purchased at a Loblaw's or affiliatie in Sauble Beach (or Wiarton - at the cottage last summer anyway).

    I never buy spices by the jar, certainly not McCormicks. And I had laughed at my husband for wanting this ingredient in the "boonies" but I had to eat my words.

    1. If you don't find it, it's easy enough to find dried ancho chilies that you can grind up into powder. I've seen the dried chilies at the New Delhi Deli in the Market (in spite of the name, they have a reasonable amount of Latin ingredients) and also at the Quartermaster health food store on Wortley Rd.

      1. the spice trader on queen has it but like all their other products, i'm sure it's not cheap. they supposedly source organic and fairtrade.

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          I would also try the Mexican shops on Augusta Ave in Kensington Market.

        2. ..House of Spice (Kennsington market) has never let me down...I'd assume they have it in quantity...

          1. Kensington's the place.Upscale spice vendors usually sell the same quality at extortionate prices.The only problem is that ground chiles lose flavor and punch faster than whole, so I'd try to find whole dried and store 'em airtight in the fridge.Maybe it's just innate skepticism, but all sorts of stuff can find its way into ground chile powder, so I'd avoid it.FYI, Loblaws/No Frills and otherNG outlets around the GTA are stocking a widening range of Mexican canned/bottled salsas and chiles. Jeesh, my local NoFrills recently began stocking good quality corn husks from the States--tamale time!

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     has a vast selection of Mexican foods, including various chiles and powders. They only ship within the U.S., but recommend a U.S. company that will, in turn, ship your purchase to Canada.

              Of course, as Kagemusha says, Canadian supermarkets seem to be more aware than before of a demand for Mexican food. I have noticed the Herdez brand of salsas, etc., on Toronto supermarket shelves.

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                I bought a small quantity bag at Perola in Kensington. I would go with the suggestion to grind your own and again Perola has anchos.

                Note to Kagemusha - I made tamales this weekend with fresh corn husks and they were awesome beyond belief. Only makes sense to use fresh at this time of year. Brought a pot of water to the boil, put in the husks and steeped for 30 minutes.

                1. re: Mila

                  Good for you, Mila! I use dried because they seem to hold up better to freezing and steaming. I just wish I could get those luscious green corn tamales my Phoenix Chicano friends' tias once cranked out, all masa fresh-ground on metates at home--my working definition of heaven!