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Aug 7, 2007 08:53 AM

Finger Lakes - Steamboat Landing

My wife and I will be spending one night at a B&B in the Finger Lakes region. I made a reservation at the Steamboat Landing restaurant in Canandaigua, NY. The menu looked great on their website.

Question - does anyone know anything about this place? How is the food, overall restaurant?

We are staying in Naples - can anyone recommend an alternative that is not hours away by car?

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  1. We had dinner there on a Friday night about month ago. The food was great - a wide ranging menu. Our party had pasta, beef, fish, and shrimp dishes; all were well prepared. Service was a bit sketchy - the host was the least hospitable person one could imagine. Once we got past his seeming impatience with our presence and / or very existence, we were waited upon by a very charming but not especially skilled waitress. She needed to be reminded about the bread basket, some sides, and a drink refill order. (Sounds worse than it actually was; she WAS charming, none of the offenses were of the hanging variety, and she moved swiftly to rectify the problems.) We were fortunate to be there on a nice evening and were seated outside on the deck. Had we been inside, we would not have been able to carry on a conversation due to the volume of the live music. Too much for the size of the room. (The place is pretty big, as it houses a party room as well as the dining room and bar. Although there was a wedding in the party room, there was no spill-over noise from that event, and the food preparation did not seem to be delayed because of the demands put on the kitchen to handle the wedding and a full house of diners.) If you approach the place with a little patience and get lucky on the seating / noise thing you will have very good food and a very pretty view of the lake. (It actually is a boat landing, and a dinner / tour boat docks there. Not an actual steamboat, I guess, but a good sized boat nonetheless ...)

    1. I disagree about the Steamboat Landing. It is a tourist trap set to catch people who are coming off the Canandaigua Lady boat tour. If you are going to drive all the way to Canandaigua to have a nice meal, you'd do much better at Max's On The Lake or Thendara.
      However, you can save yourself the drive and have an excellent meal right in Naples at the Brown Hound Bistro.
      It has an eclectic menu which features local produce. It's also very small, so reservations are essential even during the week.

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        I think tuttobene has it right.....