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Aug 7, 2007 08:43 AM

Recommendations for SF with Kids

I will be visiting SF in a couple of weeks with my two nieces (ages 12 and 13). I am a foodie - my nieces are not. Does anyone have restaurant recommendations that might satisfy everyone? We will be staying in the Union Square area and are seeing Avenue Q at the Orpheum one night. We will not have a car, so need to take public transportation or walk to meals. Thanks.

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    1. Wander over to Belden alley and let your nose decide where to eat.

      I saw Avenue Q when it first opened in NY. At the time it had a notice that was equivalent to a PG13 rating.

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        I was at Belden Alley one time on a weekend and the place smells like garbage. Was that unusual?

      2. My 15-yr-old daughter and I really enjoyed our lunch at Zuni when we visited in June. You can take Bart, Muni or taxi there. We also like Slanted Door, and strolling through the Ferry Building very much. If you like raw seafood, you can walk to Bar Crudo from your hotel. We both loved it! Your nieces can order lobster salad and their delicious seafood chowder if they don't eat raw.

        If your nieces are on the mature side, they may enjoy Haight-Ashbury area and the Vampire Tour like my daughter did. I also took my daughter to NY to see Avenue Q when she was 13. Yes, it is a PG-13 show but my daughter thought it was hilarious!

        1. Park Chow on 9th btw. Irving and Lincoln. There is something for everyone there.

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            There's also a Chow in the Castro that is easily reachable from Union Square via the scenic and historic F-Line.