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Aug 7, 2007 07:50 AM

Halfway reasonable after show dinner in Vegas?

We're meeting friends in Vegas in Sept for a weekend. We're trying Rosemary's on Sat night (I've never been), and seeing the 7:30 showing of "O" on Friday with hopes of a late dinner. Since we're headed off the strip Sat, we'd like to stay on the strip for dinner Fri and not shell out too much dough since we're spending a small fortune to see "O." We're not looking for cheap eats per se - just not over $100 bucks per person like many of the nicer strip restaurants can be. Something more along the lines of $50 per person (with drinks) would work. We're up for any cuisine except unfortunately Thai (so LoS is out). Oh, and they probably need to serve past 9:30pm for us to get there in time.

I know there's a ton of places that fall into this category - I'm just looking to hear if anyone has favorites?

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  1. I was there a couple of weeks ago. I never made it to Burger Bar but I would have liked to. That would be a good choice. I think. Peppermills is also a choice for some old time Vegas vibe.


    1. Since "O" is at the Bellagio, I think three of their more casual restaurants would be best. You would be rushed trying to walk or drive to another casino in time. In order of preference: Olives, Sensei, and Fix. They each meet your budget but have their own style, so check out the Bellagio website. For Saturday evening you will definitely need a reservation made before you leave for Vegas.

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        Fix is great for small plates and fresh seafood. Terrific martinis and people watching!