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frozen mail order chicago style pizzas

i thought i would ask the experts
which one these frozen mail order chicago style pizzas are the best and which one are the worst?
i live in michigan and i'am thinking order some for a party
thank you


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  1. Well, we're under a handicap here, because we don't generally buy our pizza frozen. But here's what I can tell you.

    I would stick with any of four places: Lou Malnati's, Gino's East, and Edwardo's, and also Giordano's, which you didn't mention but is also worth considering. Giordano's and Edwardo's specialize in double-crust "stuffed" pizza; Lou Malnati's and Gino's East specialize in single-crust "pan" pizza. I don't think you can go wrong with any of these. I like all of them, and Giordano's is my personal favorite. They carry frozen Gino's East pizza in the supermarket here and it's pretty good for a frozen pizza. You can order any of them for nationwide delivery from their websites:


    Don't even consider Home Run Inn or Connie's Pizza. They just don't compare with the other places you've mentioned; they serve the same mediocre pizza you can find at your local pizza place anywhere in the country. I would also stay away from Uno's; they still serve good pizza at their original location downtown, but the pizza at their other locations, elsewhere in Chicago and nationwide, is not very good at all. Maybe the frozen version is okay, I don't know.

    You'll find lots more opinions about Chicago pizza in these topics:

    1. I've used Lou Malnatis to send to out-of-town family, and I've heard this has worked out well (comes quickly, good quality,e tc.). My friend recently had a horror story of an experience w/ Giordano's (UPS leaving it in its warehouse overnite, etc.)--it may have only been a one-off type of situation, but FWIW, I've always been pleased with Lou's.

      1. I have had the Malnati's frozen pizzas (even though we live near one, they sometimes are convenient). In my experience, the crust is different -- and not as good -- on the frozen pies. That said, they're pretty good, especially if they're your only alternative. In my view, Uno Grill, Home Run Inn and Connies' frozen versions are standard frozen pizzas -- nothing special, and I wouldn't go out of my way to mail order. In fact, they are sold at most Jewel food stores in Chicago and the suburbs.

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          In addition to what nsxtasy said, the crust may taste more "yeasty" since the yeast has most likely had a longer time to develop. One should also consider the pan that the restaurant used for baking is very well "seasoned" and we don't know what kind of oil the restaurants use to grease their pans, although I'm sure there can't be too many different oils available to an operation that size.

        2. I suspect the pizza freshly baked in the restaurant is different because the restaurants have ovens using much higher temperatures than home ovens are capable of.

          1. I would definitely go Gino's East! While Lou Malnati's is up in the rankings (not by my own preference but by everyone else I know from here LOVING their pizza), I'd have to say Gino's East is the most delicious frozen pizza I've had. I haven't tried all of these, but I have had the Home Run Inn and the Connie's as frozen. Edwardo's I've had at the restaurant, and I'm not a fan. I've never heard of a single person not liking Gino's (awaits flood of potential responses...)!

            Hope this helps!


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              This makes me happy cause I just got back from Chicago, having tried Gino's East for the first time and I LOVED it! I think the thing that totally sold me on it was the sauce, even more so than the crust. This is great news to hear that I can get them shipped to me AND have them taste good!

            2. We lived in Denver for a couple of years and used to get pizzas FedExed to us from Lou Malnati's. They were always wonderful and we never had a problem with delivery. My husband also gave Lou's gift certificates to his managers around the country and everyone had great things to say about the pizza and delivery.

              If you go to this web site you can order a lot of other Chicago type food...


              1. I recently ordered from Gino's East and was very pleased. Excellent fast service, very high quality and reasonable freight. The sausage pie was my favorite.
                I thought about ordering from Giordanos today and their freight price is a bit excessive.

                1. definitely The HomeMade Pizza Company!!! It has amazing pizza that they make fresh, and tastes like it was made by a chef when you make it at your home.

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                    Homemade Pizza Company ( www.homemadepizza.com ), a chain with locations in Illinois and Minnesota, does not ship pizzas frozen, which is what the OP was asking about. Homemade's business is that they sell fresh pizzas (never frozen) for pickup, so you can bring them home and bake them. FWIW, I've tried them and I thought they were just not very good at all.

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                      it depends on what pizza you buy. i thought they were great.

                  2. I just received an order from Taste of Chicago/ Lou Malnati and I will not order from them again. I ordered a Carsons ribs and pie combo. The pizzas are friggen tiny. No way are one of theese little pies feeding two people. The box is also marked all over in a major way Lou Malnati which screams to every UPS guy having a bad day- Kick me drop me and abuse me. Pies were in one piece but had pretty beat up packaging. A bit of a dissapointment. Not nearly the value of Ginos East by mail.

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                      I cooked the Malnati's pizzas tonight. A very poor product that I would not recommend. One cooked well, the other burnt in odd spots. Watery sauce and over all it was anemic at best. The sausage was far better than the pepperoni. Two Malnati pies together have about the same amount of cheese as one Gino's east pie, plus the Ginos east pies are 2" larger and weigh about twice as much. Gino's East frozen is a much better product and a significantly better value.
                      This week I am going to order from Giordano's in spite of the excessive freight charges they impose just to try their product.

                    2. I would go with Giordano's. I've had both, a pizza in the resturant and a Fedex one, and I think the Fedex one is just as good. Only thing is that you can NOT order any meat on the Giordano's pizza. Also if you do order from Giordano's do not follow the cooking directions, the pizza will come out soggy. When your ready to cook the pie, take it straight from the freezer to oven and place it directly on the rack. No cookie sheet and do not thaw.

                      1. www.wapaghettispizza.com
                        try this pizza its really good in person and frozen, go to the website and then give them a call they have chicago pizza and it cooks real nice gets their superfast and not very expensive either since its a family place!!!