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Aug 7, 2007 07:39 AM

Point Pleasant, NJ?

I will be in Point Pleasant, NJ tomorrow and would appreciate any suggestions for someplace for dinner. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Depending on what type of food you're in the mood for, choices include:

    Seafood: Red's Lobster Pot or Spike's both in P.P. or Shipwreck Grille in nearby Brielle.

    Hickory Hog (lots of recent posts) for BBQ.

    Martel's if you want to eat on the boardwalk.

    Bay Point Prime (haven't been) for steak/chops.

    Surf Taco if you want cheap and casual.

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      Excellent fish & chips or fried seafood (scallops, shrimp) at Stewart's of Kearny. Very casual, reasonable prices.

    2. The Shipwreck Grill in Brielle has moments of brilliance. As recommended by jsfein, Stewart's does a nice job with fish and chips and fried seafood. Red's Lobster Pot is a great spot for casual outdoor river-side seafood dining. The lobster roll in particular is quite good. Inside is a casual seafood restaurant with a more ambitious menu. Stay away from any restaurant with the words "Jack" or "Baker" in the name.

      1. Europa south by the corner of Arnold Ave and rt 35 still any good?

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          In my opinion Europa has never been good.....

          1. re: timmy

            Shrimp Box is good. Europa's been around a long time, always smells great!

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              My wife and I went to Shrimp Box in Point Pleasant last night with our teen daughter and her friend. Our waitress was very engaging and helpful in describing the specials. Lobster bisque was tasty, a little heavy on the cream and the $5 bowl was meal in itself. Salad bar was fresh and had good variety, but sealegs were straight from the local chinese buffet. My wife's Halibut was nicely cooked but the sauce over-powered it. I had Yellowfin tuna - it was thick, hard to chew (probably over cooked). The sesame wasabe sauce was tasty but somehow the combinatioh did not work. The girls shared some linguini with baby clams - it was ok. With tip, $94 - trying Red's Lobster Pot tonight...

              1. re: Fatherwolf

                Try Daniel's Bistro in Point Pleasant....the best seafood in Point Pleasant and beyond! Search this forum for a huge thread on Daniel's...rave reviews.

                1. re: charmel

                  Anybody have access to a menu? There's still no website, right?

                      1. re: gbean

                        Thanks Charmel for the heads up about Daniels - will check it out next time. We decided to have our last dinner in Pt. Pleasant at Red's Lobster Pot and we were pleasantly surprised. We ate in the inside dining room around 845pm when it was almost closing time and not crowded. This place was all at one time bright, hip, and earthy with some cool jazz playing softly in the background. Our waitress was gracious and attentive and made us feel comfortable the minute we set foot in the door. Part of the kitchen is visible and the minute I saw the chef looking at the customers, I could tell he took pride in his culinary creations. We started off with a house salad which was more than enough for two - loaded with fresh greens, olives, blue cheese, delicately cooked onions, pignoli nuts, and other subtle and thoughtful touches. We tried the PEI mussels with a coconut/curry sauce - there must have been 20 mussels and the sauce was to die for - added some garlic bread that was grilled and buttered with basil to perfection - we could have stopped there. Shared a grilled seafood combination which was cooked to perfection and included the best flounder I've ever had, scallops, shrimp, and a rice veggie medley that was superb. Our teen daughter and her friend shared mussels with calimari served with linguini and marina and two lobster tails that they said were excellent - they gave us their coleslaw which was also delicious. The dessert menu looked interesting but the meal portions were so plentiful that we never got that far. While we don't drink, this is a BYOB restaurant. By far the highlight of our two days in Pt. Pleasant!