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Aug 7, 2007 07:36 AM

what is best BBQ in Dallas?

I am in Dallas till Thursday.. I need to know the best Texas style BBQ here... I am a huge BBQ fan and like ribs, brisket, pulled pork, beans, ....etc.

Anyone got any ideas?

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  1. I ordinarily won't recommend a chain, but Texas Roadhouse in the outskirts of McKinney is very good---very informal,but they have good ribs and beans, plus a wide menu. I have never gotten a bad dinner there.

      1. Assuming you want options that are relatively close to downtown, I like Baby Back Shak on Akard, south of I-30, Big Al's at Inwood and Cedar Springs, or Baker's Ribs on Commerce in Deep Ellum.

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        1. re: DFWGuy

          I absolutely love the Baby Back Rib Shak. Best BBQ beans in town, fantastic ribs and I love the boudain.

          Everything is sprinkled with deliciousness, and on top of it all, it's BYOB!

          1. re: DFWGuy

            I also heartily endorse Baby Back Shak . . . but keep in mind that they consider themselve purveyers of Memphis, not Texas, style barbeque. I really don't care what style they call it, their ribs are by far the best in Dallas.

          2. My recommendations are two...Sammy's BBQ and the original location of Sonny Bryan's on Inwood

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            1. re: jinet12

              When was the last time you went to Sonny Bryan's and what exactly is supposed to be good there? I've eaten there twice in the last year and the food, and especially the bbq, is absolutely pedestrian. I wouldn't send anybody there.

              1. re: Scagnetti

                I think that the food at the original one is still very good...

            2. Peggy Sue's BBQ in Snider Plaza. It's a great, small local place. Great local atmosphere and excellent BBQ. Snider Plaza is a cool area in University Park, really close to the SMU campus.

              I'm a fan of both Texas and Memphis BBQ, and I get the pulled pork sandwich here.