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Aug 7, 2007 06:34 AM

Jalapeno spread from Bottega?

My jalapeno plant is providing me with plenty of jalapenos these days. To try and use a few more of them, I'm trying to figure out how to reproduce the little dish of jalapenos in oil that Bottega serves with their pizzas. Is it simply good quality olive oil poured over chopped jalapenos (with a bit of salt) or am I missing something? And does anyone remember if they leave the seeds in or not? I'd go check this out myself, but they're not open, and the jalapenos won't keep for another week...

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  1. A question after my own heart! We just visited Montreal and our first stop was Bottega. We left with two jars of the stuff, which promptly leaked all over our rental cars, so we opted to just eat our fill and attempt to recreate it back home. Have you had any success? I plan to do some test recipes myself - if I have any luck I'll check back in with a recipe.

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      I've tried a few iterations - they are close, but not the same. I didn't realise that Bottega sold theirs, so I will be going by there this weekend to pick some up - then perhaps I can figure out the secret.

    2. Can you keep us posted on your results? I eat pretty much an entire bowl every time I go there and have the same dream as you.

      It's pretty spicy so I think its seeds in.

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        Will do. My jalapeno plant seems to be having a very impressive second round of growth, and it looks like I'll have plenty of the little guys to experiment with in the next week or so...

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          Okay, my first go 'round seems pretty close. I warmed crushed red pepper flakes with good coarse sea salt in olive oil for a few minutes, and then added them to freshly minced jalepenos. I stripped out the seeds and veins from the jalepenos, but I think they must leave them in because the mix has the right flavor, just not quite as spicy. I'd leave it all in next time.