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Aug 7, 2007 06:19 AM

Lure Fishbar...

Going tonight, any recs? The whole menu seems so appealing, I need some direction!!! Thanks :)

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  1. surprisingly, the sushi is fantastic!

    1. I was there recently and enjoyed the crispy oysters. However, overall I think this place is over-priced.

      1. One of the best appetizers I had there was the shrimp tempura. AMAZING. It is very filling too, could be your entree.

          1. Nice wine. Not overly big or filled with values, but I've just found some really good and interesting wines in there. Also, I had the lobster roll there and it was quite good. Can't say it's as good as Ed's or Pearl, but it was pretty solid (a bit more mayo than the others, but not overwhelming).

            On the whole, I've had nothing but positive experiences there.