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Aug 7, 2007 04:53 AM

Thai L'Elephant in Phoenixville

Last month ago we had the good fortune to visit Thai L'Elephant in Phoenixville. Since then we have returned several times. This BYOB is only several months old and rapidly being discovered so be sure to make reservations. Last Friday it was almost full. It is easy to navigate to Phoenixville, there is plenty of parking and amply sized

The food is delicious, expertly prepared and presented. The staff was attentive and efficient. As it should be. The owner has years of restaurant experience as executive chef at Lemon Grass in Lancaster, Thai Orchid in Berwyn and Frazier and a host of others. Chef Mike has received numerous awards that date back to 1990 and be certain that more are on the way.

This is perhaps the best Thai cuisine in the area

They have several web sites in the works:


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    1. Yes, I've been curious about this place - we got a coupon in the mail recently. Normally we go to Thai Place. How does it compare? Where is it located exactly?

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