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Aug 7, 2007 04:38 AM

Portland- Fore St. is booked- Where to go?

Heading to Portland this weekend and want a seafood recommendation. Need a place that has no stairs due to a knee problem. Can you help? Thanks, in advance!

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  1. Street & Co., Wharf St., Old Port.

    Dana Street is Sam Hayward's partner in Fore Street. His Street & Co. does seafood and only seafood. Wharf Street is a cobblestone alley between Fore and Commercial Streets, off the lower section of Exchange St.

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      FWIW, the men's room is in the basement down a flight of stairs but a good choice for seafood.

    2. If you really want to got to Fore Street and don't mind dining early, you can get there at a little before 5 PM. At 5 they take walk-ins for 10 tables every evening. They serve no food until 5:30, but the bar opens at 5:00, so you can have a drink and peruse the menu. Just so you know, the parking lot for Fore St. is in the back of the restaurant on Commercial Ave. with stairs that go up to the restaurant. You could walk all of the way around the block or have someone drop you at the front door, then they can park. I was there last Sat. and the stairs are under renovation and had no railings.

      1. Street and Company is your best bet for good seafood. There are other fine seafood restaurants but Street & co takes the cake!

        1. My So and I went to Cinque Terre (right across the cobblestones from Street & Co) and we were so thrilled with our experience. It is cute, with an upstairs balcony, and the food was fabulous. There is a lot of fish and seafood but also some nice chicken and other options. There is a huge (and good) wine list and they recieved a Wine Spectator Award some time. Our server was a delight and we walked away so pleased with our evening. Another great option to throw in the mix.

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            1. Thanks, all. We went early as advised and got seated at 7:30. Thanks for the tip.

              We thought this restaurant was outstanding. The foe gras with fresh blueberries was perfect and so was the roast striped bass. The cooking time was consistently good on all the seafood. I would book way in advance for my next visit. The restaurant accepts reservations 60 days ahead.

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                And what restaurant did you go to ?

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                  See topic title :)
                  His reply would have been best made as a reply to BikeToEat's post, as that is who he's mostly referencing.