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Aug 7, 2007 03:44 AM


Hi! Myself and my hubby are coming to San Francisco as part of a holiday from the UK. Whilst we're there it's my husband's brithday and I'd like to book a good restaurant. Looking for great food and a great view to make our stay memorable.
Thanks in advance.

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    The above thread focussed on a romantic place with a view, but I think the info remains largely the same.

    Not a spectacular view, but if you can get a table in the right spot Boulevard certainly has excellent food.

    Boulevard Restaurant
    1 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94105

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      There's this post too:

      Notice the quote: "You've encountered the great SF paradox. The place you are looking for does not exist. Water, view, and tastiness exist in inverse relations to each other."

      There's also this thread too:

      You might look for a Mexican or South American place, since there's good ones here and I don't think you can get that in the UK. (I could be wrong.)

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        Probably more than the OP wants to know about Mountain View.....

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          Sometimes it's necessary to engage the wetware filter.

      2. Slanted Door.

        Great view. Great food. Maybe the only place in SF you can say that about.

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          The case can be argued for the food at SD, but calling the view "great" is a reach, IMHO. I think a great view has to have some elevation, or if at sea level, something more interesting in the foreground than the Vallejo Ferry. I really think it's an insoluble equation.

          I have no idea what relative weight the OP puts on view versus food quality, but I recently ran into a middle-aged British tourist and her daughter who was asking directions to Kearny and California because she wanted to "treat herself" to the dinner and view at the Carnelian Room. Certainly a "great" view but I have no idea where she got her notion of the food's worthiness.

        2. Of the places recommended by others, I'd say Boulevard. No view, but the room and food are super, and with the favorable exchange rate, you'll have no difficulties. Then, for your view, either before or after dinner, walk along the Embarcadero (a few steps from Boulevard) at sunset. Just check when sunset will be, and reserve a table accordingly.

          Another similar option is Gary Danko, near Fishermans Wharf. No view, but excellent, reliable food just a short walk from a super view. Once again, time your meal for a walk along Aquatic Park at sunset. You'll have an amazing view of Alcatraz, the GG Bridge, etc.

          I think these options give you the best combination of food and view. Between the two, the view is better from Aquatic Park. You'll hear arguments both ways on the food.

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            There's a spectacular view of the Bay Bridge from some of the seats in the back of Boulevard.

          2. The three restaurants with a "great" view are the Carnelian Room on top of the Bank of America building, Julius Castle in North Beach, and Caprice in Tiburon. Alas, none of these are now known for great food. However, I reiterate, they do have great views.

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            1. re: Paul H

              Julius' Castle was sold last year and was closed for six months or so for remodeling. I don't think we've had any reports here since they reopened in May.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                The few recent reviews of JC have not been good.

                1. re: sgwood415

                  The only reviews I've found here were from before the change in ownership and makeover.

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    there was a discussion about it shortly after they reopened. Some people tried it and said it wasn't that good. Looking at the menu you can see why, it looks like a banquet hall buffet menu from the 80s!

                    I think that discussion was part of a thread with a different topic which is why you can't find it.

                    1. re: sgwood415

                      The search finds all instances of the phrase no matter what the topic. Since Julius' Castle reopened it has been mentioned in seven topics, but no one has actually reported on a meal there.