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Aug 6, 2007 11:49 PM

Italian Delis (San Diego)

Any recommendations on Italian delis in San Diego? Or place that'll make a sandwich with meats like mortadella, salamis, capicola, prosciutto, etc...? I've been to a few scattered places that'll serve an "Italian sub" but there isn't much selection or variety to it.


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  1. Let us know if you find a place which sells mortadella similar to the one in Bologna. I am looking for one but couldn't find it so far.

    1. Mona Lisa on India (and Hawthorn - i think). It's right down by the airport. Don't bother with the restaurant, it's 'meh'. The deli counter in the store makes wonderful sammiches and they also have all sorts of other stuff - fresh mozz, octopus and squid salads, a variety of marinated olives, etc.

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        Big second to Mona Lisa. They have a lot of interesting meats that you can get on sandwiches.

      2. Solunto's is pretty good. Its really a bakery that sells sandwiches. As any sandwich-lover knows, its the bread that counts. The meat is okay, not spectacular by any means. They're right on India St.

        Mimo's/Grab 'n Go: its okay -- pretty good selection of meats, cheeses and salads (pasta, fruit, octopus, etc), though the bread is so-so (compared to Solunto's).

        Philadelphia Sandwich Co., on Convoy, specializes in the cheesesteak, but they also do hoagies (Philly-style subs) that are quite good.

        Frankie's Italian Deli on Mira Mesa Blvd., is good, and I've been going there for years, though not for the sandwiches. They have great food.

        1. I've been impressed with Filippi's deli section, at least for its salami's and prosciutto, and cheeses. Haven't tried the mortadella. Filippi's is located on India street