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Cooking Class in Paris

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Helo Everyone

Have you heard of Paris Gourmet cooking class Parisian for a Day created by Irene Adamian and Sue Young in Paris, France.
Paris Saint-Germain-des-Pres/Musee d'Orsay/Montparnasse ?

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  1. no, but I'd love any info you would care to post!

    1. My daughter and I did this about four years ago and loved it. Two years ago when I contacted Irene Adamian, she and Sue Young had discontinued the program. However, the website is still active and the price is much higher than when I participated so it might be worth contacting them again. Below is a link to an article I wrote about our experience. I hope it works because some of the site where it was published requires membership. http://www.bonjourparis.com/Articles/...

      1. The original comment has been removed