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Aug 6, 2007 10:26 PM

Fry bread between Maggie Valley and Cherokee?

Last summer, we were driving in the middle of the night between Maggie Valley and Cherokee, NC. I distinctly remember seeing a sign for fry bread - I think maybe in front of a church. At the time, they were long closed because it was 10 or 11pm. Does anyone know where this actually might be? Or, any other ideas of where to get Native American cuisine in that general vicinity? I'm hoping it wasn't a one-time church function. :)

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  1. you might try spirits on the river...

    it's in asheville, which is 30 minutes or so east of maggie valley, but the food is pretty good, and the deck is awesome.

    1. We ended up finding some fry bread in Cherokee:

      Riverside Cafe II
      55 Big Cove Rd
      Cherokee, NC 28719
      (828) 497-4544

      You had the choice between "Fry bread and chili" and an "Indian Taco". Both were basically the same thing; a piece of fry bread topped with chili and cheese. The Indian taco also had lettuce, tomatoes, and onions on the top.

      My belly was full. It looked just like it did on Feasting on Asphalt - definitely a hearty meal that will fill you up for the whole day, if you can eat the whole thing!

      I still want to try Spirits on the River --- it's curious that both of these places are on the river front... :)

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        unfortunately, i believe spirits has closed. have not confirmed this yet, but definitely call before you go.