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Kaffir Lime Leaves? Where to buy?

Does any one know where in the East Bay you can buy Kaffir Lime Leaves? Do they go by another name? I've been checking all the asian markets.

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  1. Check this thread. Berkeley Bowl carries them, I believe.


    1. Try Tuk Tuk on University in Berkeley?

      1. Monterey Market has them some times. They are now called Makrut limes now, I think.

        1. May Kong or Lao Market will have lime leaves, holy basil, thai chilies, etc. They are next door to each other on International Blvd/16th Ave.

          May Kong
          1613 International Blvd, Oakland, CA 94606

          Lao Market
          1619 International Blvd, Oakland, CA 94606

          1. 99 Ranch in El Cerrito has them I think.
            Alternatively, I bought my own tree from Home Depot a couple of years ago and it has since thrived in my backyard!

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              I just came from Berkeley Bowl & they do indeed have them. I didn't notice the price though.

            2. 99 ranch market for under a buck you can get a good handfull. I buy a huge amount and frreze tehm. They seem hard to find a few month out of the year! They thaw perfectly.

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                  Bump from years ago as I just found this through google. Does anyone have any more details on getting them in the South Bay? We were just at the Ranch 99 and they didn't have any in the produce section that we could see. Any other places around Sunnyvale/Cupertino where we might be able to find them?

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                    I used to reliably find kaffir lime leaves at the Asian market in a strip mall at 2001 Story Rd, #500 but I haven't been there in a year. Check out www.thaifoodandtravel.com under "Food Info/Markets" to find a large list of Markets with Thai ingredients.

              1. I once drove all around South Bay with a French chef looking for kaffir lime leaves in grocery stores. At the end we found out that the easiest way was to walk into a Thai restaurant and nicely ask for some. Most places would give you a few for free.


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                  Andronico's in Los Altos just started carrying them when they changed their supplier of fresh herbs. Maybe other Andronico's have them now too.


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                    In San Francisco you can purchase them at 22nd & Irving.

                    They are fresh and sometimes it also has the kaffir limes. You can also get on Amazon's food purveyors. Although it is illegal to get produce from outside sources, you can order from an interstate seller.

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                      Can you explain more on being illegal from outside sources?

                      I also have a kaffir lime tree in my backyard; its quite huge and produces lots of fruits as well.

                2. Where in the east bay are you? I have a kaffir lime tree, and am willing to give you some.