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Aug 6, 2007 09:22 PM

It's It Ice Cream Sandwiches - Westside

The hot summer days are here and one of the best things other than a cold margarita to cool down is an ice cream sandwich. The problem is that I can't find the ice cream sandwich I fell in love with in High School... It's It. That's the name... it's it. It is vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two amazing oatmeal cookies and covered with dark chocolate. It seem's that the Nestle ice cream cookie sandwich people have partnered with the Mafia because they are everywhere, taking up precious ice cream cooler space. If anyone in LA knows where to find It's It (preferably in Santa Monica), please I am calling on you to help me. I am sure there are some SFO expats that are in the know.

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  1. It's been a couple of years since I'vebeen in a 7-11, but I do remember getting my "It's Its" at 7-11..mmm, the mint chip..golly.
    I used to get them at the 7-11 on Hillhurst and Franklin when I live a few blocks away.
    I'll be over there tomorrow so I'll check it out...if they have 'em, I'm sure one in SM will too.
    I'll keep you posted.
    Wow, memories...I must get one.

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    1. re: tatertotsrock

      Yeup, the mint chip is what keeps me up at night. Thanks for checking!

    2. The student stores at UCLA (south side of campus in the engineering/med buildings) usually carries It's It Ice Cream Sandwiches. I've seen them there when I was teaching at UCLA.

      Of course, Angels Stadium (unlike Dodger Stadium) still sells It's It.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        Also, the ice cream vending machines on UCLA campus may have them-- at least, the ones on north campus by Campbell/Rolfe used to (though I haven't checked in a while...) Plus, not only do you get an its it, but you get the entertainment of watching a remarkably smart pneumatic delivery system :)

        1. re: ipsedixit

          oh yeah?!?! thanks. i have an its-its itch i need to scratch.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            A quick survey of various locations around UCLA that used to have them reveals that they've all gone over to inferior ice cream cookie products (though I didn't check the student stores in the south side by engineering/med). Sadly, Ackerman, LuValle, and the vending machines seem to have switched over to other things... :(

          2. I'm in Glendale (originally from the Bay Area), and I occasionally get an It's Its craving. Unfortunately, I haven't found any out here yet, but I HAVE found the North Star-branded "UFO", which is pretty much the same thing, at the liquor store (I think it's called Canada Liquor) on Canada Blvd, a few blocks north of Verdugo Park.

            Unfortunately, they only have vanilla... but it DOES satisfy my It's Its craving. Now, if only they had mint chip, I'd be in heaven.

            Still, I'm keeping my eyes open for a real It's Its source around here.

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            1. re: duke_of_mildew

              I found UFOs at the liquor store on the corner of 9th and Pico in Santa Monica. Not perfect, but good enough!

            2. You can find "It's It" in West LA at the "76 gas staion" on the north west corner of Santa Monica Blvd. & Sawtelle.

              (If anyone remembers,years ago they used to be called "Cool-a-Coo").

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              1. re: foodhappy

                I am going there after work today. I may buy up all of their inventory of the Mint Chip and Cappucinos. Thank You.

                1. re: foodhappy

                  really? even better, cause its walking distance for me! yay!

                  nbgaucho, you better save me some or else i'll have to hunt you!! =)

                  1. re: foodhappy

                    Sweet Jesus you were right. They do carry It's It (Vanilla only) and they are only $1.50. I bought 6 (saved a few for you wilafur) and the guy looked at me like I was insane. Told him he should think about ordering Mint when he re-orders and got the typical LA gas station attendant non - response. I am in heaven tonight. Thanks for the suggestion foodhappy and everyone else.

                    1. re: nbgaucho

                      thanks bud! gonna get one tonight on my way home. =)

                      1. re: wilafur

                        Wow. That is a neighborhood find - I need to head over next time I walk over to Cinefile or the Nuart. I ate those d%#& things like crazy as a grad student in NoCal.

                        Cool. Thanks for the find!

                      2. re: nbgaucho

                        OMG...those were my favorites!!!! I recently found Bosco online so combined with the It's It, I'm going to have some retro snackin' tonight!!!!!! lol

                      3. re: foodhappy

                        While practically separated at birth twins, "It's It" and "Cool-A-Coo" were two different products. Sadly, the 'Coo is gone. Not only do I remember, I mourn its demise still.


                        1. re: Kris P Pata

                          Does anyone currently own the Coo-A-Coo trademark? :) :) :)

                        2. re: foodhappy

                          Sad to say, went by this 76 today and all they had were UFOs, the ersatz It's It. Oh well... need to keep looking.

                        3. The Albertsons next to the Costco on Washington and Lincoln...


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                          1. re: Dommy

                            THANK YOU.

                            After seeing your post, I decided to try the Albertson's in Glendale (on Glenoaks) and sure enough, they had the vanilla 3-packs for $2.89. Less than a dollar per, can't complain about that!

                            1. re: duke_of_mildew

                              Hurrah!! Yeah, Albertsons carries some interesting stuff sometimes! :D


                              1. re: duke_of_mildew

                                Holy Cow duke_of_mildew, did you happen to notice if they had mint chip or not?
                                I think I may have to do a drive by on my way to my Spin class...yum.

                                1. re: tatertotsrock

                                  Sorry, only vanilla. Yeah, I crave mint too, but I'll settle for vanilla.