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Aug 6, 2007 09:11 PM

Chow at Waterfire in Providence?

We are planning our first trip to Providence next week and we hope to see Waterfire. What should a Chowhound do for dinner? Is chow-worthy food available at Waterfire, or should we plan to have dinner in the area before or after Waterfire? Thanks for your advice on this!

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  1. Try Angelo's up on Atwells. Walking distance to Waterfire on the other side of Rt 95 near the pineapple.

    1. all the restaurants in and around waterfire (union station brewhouse, capital grille, citron, etc) are usually PACKED and even at around 6 pm have 1-2 hour waits. but anywhere else downtown is fair game- try local 121, the red fez, bravo brasserie, or murphy's!

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        We followed your suggestion and made reservation at Local 121 and used their valet parking. The food was excellent. Easy walk from there to Waterfire. Thanks!

      2. Last year I posted the same question, ended up making res at 3 Steeple St. Great meal, even the MIL enjoyed. Place was jammed when we left as might be expected, location is ideal & there is parking. New Rivers is in same bldg, on other side as well. Would go back esp for Waterfire.

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          We got an early res at New Rivers last year and got out just in time for the lighting. It was my second time dining at New Rivers and as I write this I'm asking myself when we can make the drive back there, it is definitely worth it. Menu is online: (although the site says they are still closed from the fire?! thought they had reopened).

          Regardless, Steeple St. is at the quieter end of Waterfire, which is nice, you can gradually make your way to the performance art & the basin area. I think we parked at the mall garage, which was kind of a pain, but easy to find off the highway.