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Aug 6, 2007 09:09 PM

Gumbo & Pasta in Vancouver

Looking for a place that has AUTHENTIC gumbo, or Cajun/Creole cuisine in Vancouver. Have had the "real thing" down in Louisiana.

Also looking for a great pasta place. Already know about Anton's in Burnaby but they have such long line-ups. Any suggestions?

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  1. For cajun/creole, try Ouisi Bistro on Granville Street. For pasta Anton's is good, but I prefer Anducci's. There are various locations around Vancouver.

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    1. re: scout100

      Thank-you so much for the tip. I've already looked @ Ouisi's website & am craving it already. As luck would have it, they have a quite generous coupon in the Entertainment Book. Bonus!! Will take friends there.
      As for Anducci's, I simply forgot about them. they are very good.
      Thanks again.