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Our First Trip Staying in the 7th

Could you advise on restaurants in the 7th that have prix fiix (formula) lunch or dinner

Moderately priced. Going in September, and also need to know if you need resrvations for
Taillevant and what district it is in.

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  1. Taillevent is in the 8th, rue Lamennais, reservation is mandatory at +33144951501. If you are looking for good value lunch menu for high gastronomy, you may also consider Les Elysees du Vernet (see review http://julotlespinceaux.blogspot.com/...).

    Very moderately priced great bistrots in the 7th include Chez l'Ami Jean and Les Cocottes.

    1. One of my favorites in the 7th is Le Temps Perdu. I thought it was reasonable but can't remember if there was a prix fixe - I think so. It's very close to Rue Cler and the nearby Metro stop.

      1. Try Les Ormes, a one-star favorite near les Invalides that has prix fixe lunches and dinners, is reasonable, and is quite good:


        1. The 7th covers a lot of territory; and the metro system isn't very helpful in covering this eme. Where are you staying?

          1. Some moderately priced places in the 7th offering prix fixe lunch and dinner are Le P'tit Troquet, Le Florimond, Clos Des Gourmets, Au Bon Aucueil, Violon d'Ingres(€45), Cafe Constant. Taillevent, in the 8th, definitely requires reservations.

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              If you are staying in the Tour Eiffel area, here are some PF prices, usually limited to lunch: Leo le Lion-36E, Cafe Constant-27E, L'Ami Jean-30E, L'Affriole-29E, P'ti Troquet-30E, Florimond-21E, Fontain de Mars-23E, Clos des Gourmets-29E, Nabuchodonosor-28E, Fables de La Fontaine-32E, Chez les Anges-34E, and Les Ormes-38E. Of the above, my favorites are Clos des Gourmets, Florimond, Fables and Cafe Constant, for various reasons. All are good to excellent and well worth the price.

            2. The wonderful Musee d'Orsay is in the 7th, and has a delightful lunch room inside. Perfect if you are "doing" the museum, especially on a rainy day!

              My favourite boulangerie, Jean-Luc Poujouran, is also in the 7th.

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                I think Jean-Luc Poujouran has closed his retail boulangerie. He currently bakes for a few selected customers.

              2. Thanking you for responses. We are staying a block from the Rodin Museum. I am also wondering about weather in mid September. Also can we walk to the Latin Quater. We so want to go to some Jazz clubs, and bistros there, and wonder about walking home at night.

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                  Weather in Paris in September is often georgeous, but this year has been passably erratic weatherwise, so you should make sure you have rain clothes and light sweaters as well. Walking home between the 5th and the 7th is perfectly safe, as in most parts of Paris, at any time. And it is a pleasant, half hour to an hour walk, depending on your pace and itinerary.

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                    I lived in rue de Varenne (near Musee Rodin) for some time and frequently walked to the Latin Quarter. As Souphie says it is quite safe and not too far. In fact probably better to walk as the metro journey is not easy - although you could head to Bd St Germain and catch a bus (depends which side of the Musee Rodin you are). A taxi will also be quite cheap: walk there and taxi back. There are ranks at the top of rue Bonaparte, and on Bd Saint German near Odeon - most Paris taxis won't stop if hailed (even for locals) so it is better to head to a taxi rank.

                    The area near the Musee Rodin isn't a great area for restaurants as it is the heart of the French government with lots of ministries and many embassies. Best bet is to head across the Esplanade des Invalides to rue Saint Dominique (a short walk), here you will find many of the restaurants recommended by Oakglen, many of them are on this road or just off it, and are very good - his recommendations are good. Another idea is to head up to the area around Le Bon Marche (cnr rue du Bac and rue de Sevres), this is one of Paris's best department stores with a fantastic food hall. There are a few cafe's and restaurants around here especially up towards rue du Cherche Midi, many of these tend to be full of shoppers having a quick lunch and chat (Le Nemrod is a classic example). There is also a nice restaurant on the opposite side f the Hotel des Invalides called Pascal (I think on the corner of rue Cevart and Bd de Tour Maubourg), a good neighborhood bistro.

                    Which ones have prix fixe? I think it is easier to say which ones don't. I my experience nearly all restaurants will have a "menu" or a series of "menu's" - 99% at lunchtime (including 3 stars), and a pretty high percentage for dinner.

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                      PhiD is quite right about the dearth of restaurants in this area. There are two within a short walk; Auguste, 54 rue Bourgogne, a one star with a 35E prix-fixe lunch and Tante Marguerite, with a 34E prix-fixe lunch at 5 rue Bourgogne. Reservations are a must; these spots don't see many tourists. And you might feel uncomfortable in casual attire.