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Aug 6, 2007 08:39 PM

Great sushi meal/deal, know any others?

I've been lucky enough to find a very groovy sushi restaurant that has incredible fish, seasoned chefs and a very pleasant environment to consume as much sushi as you can hold, for a fixed price that is most appealing. And it's not a buffet kind of situation, each thing you order is prepared from scratch when they get the order. I sat in there on Sunday and ate a bunch while catching up with the trades. they have restaurants in Studio City, Sherman Oaks and Encino. I've been going to the one in Encino, but recently discovered there's one nearby in SC. Being a sushi devotee, but reluctant to lay out a load of cash, this place is heaven to me. But I'd love to try others that might offer a similar cost-per-bite? Any suggestions? Many thanks.

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  1. of which place do you speak?

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        Incredible fish and seasoned chefs?

    1. If you are talking about Midori they must have made some drastic changes. The last time I was there it seemed that all the fish was cut in advance, seemingly by a deli meat slicer. Each piece was so thin I genuinely believe you could read a newspaper through it if you held it up to the light. Aside from the fact that I find paper thin sushi unappealing, I also found that, as with any sushi restaurant that cuts fish in advance, the sushi was devoid of taste. An unfortunate side effect of exposure to air and the drying out of certain essential oils that conduct flavor. I suppose if California rolls, or mayo laden “crunch” rolls are your thing Midori may be serviceable, but for real sushi, I’d rather go to any of the hundred other sushi bars that can be found along Ventura Blvd.

      1. You have to share your place with us if you want us to share ours with you. It's only fair!!!

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          OP is definitely talking about midori. I dunno, I like midori, but I go in knowing the sushi is going to be nothing like Asanebo or Houese of Taka.

          Emme, for a person who likes Yamato sushi, I'm surprised you think midori is icky. Its about 10 steps above yamato. yamato used to be good when Toshi was there..Since he left years ago, its the pits..

          A good deal is the Sushi at Farm Boy next to TJ's on magnolia. They serve fresh veggies and fruit, but do pretty good sushi in back. They also have self serve fro yo for something like 32 cents an ounce.

          Crazy Tokyo also does AYCE ssushi. Not sure about how good it is, there used to be Kyoto sushi, but it changed names recently-probably sold out to someone else.

          Sushi mac does conveyor belt sushi for something like $2.50 a plate.

          1. re: Diana

            As I've said, I haven't been since Toshi is gone, so I can't vouch for it currently. I only recommended Yamato under the reins of Toshi, so no longer can I say Yamato is my go to place. I have yet to find a true economical replacement, though I wish I could eat weekly at Urasawa.