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Aug 6, 2007 08:30 PM

Table for one! With no apologizes!

Can someone fill me in: why is it such taboo for someone who is hungry to eat alone.

Single people; anyone who travels; men and women with independent spouses, help me out here: What is someone suppost to do when they are hungry and do not have time or access to a place to cook?

I live in a prime foodie location (Yonge & Eg). When under deadline it is just so conveninet to walk any which way and grab a bite. And sure take out is fine, but when working from home hours on end without taking a break it is so nice to have a change of scenary (even if there is no time to take a break from the work).

Earlier today I went to Sushi Eaton. I sat on the patio and ordered a meal to go (for later that evening) and a tray of sushi and miso soup for here. The food was excellent, but the service was really very bad!

I was not asked if I wanted something to drink. I was given my miso soup without any utensils or napkins (but maybe that's the way its suppose to be given). Then, before I was given my sushi, I was given my bill. Some time later I was given my packages of food to go. When I asked where my sushi was, they reached into the bag and pulled out my sushi. They said that they thought I only wanted my miso soup to go.

So I sat there staring at the sushi. Some time later the waitress came by my table and asked me if I needed a plate. To which I replied that it is not so much a plate that I need as some soy sauce. She then reached into the bottom of my takeout bag and handed me a few packages of soy sauce and placed them on the table. My only reply being a cold 'I cannot believe that you are making me eat out of a plastic bag inside of your restaurant' stare. Sometime later she returned with a plate and soy sauce. The rest of the meal was great. And they even came around to ask me if I wanted something to drink! (Which I did!)

I don't know. I found that quite rude.Still the food was good so I actually ordered another round of sushi, which meant that they had to re-issue me the check! I don't know though, are they rude to everyone the same way? Is hunger something that only couples are entitled to? Somebody please tell me, if I am hungry why should I not just go out and eat?


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  1. It sounds like simple miscommunication. They thought the only thing you wanted to eat there was the soup, which perhaps would not require a drink or utensil. And it is always good form to give takeout orders the bill as soon as possible. I think they just didn't understand that you were planning one meal right then and one for later.

    1. I would say it is more of an issue with communication then discriminating against you being alone. What I usually do when I wand food & takeout from the same place is order my dinner and when the last course is delivered I then order the food to go. The does a couple of things: 1) leaves more room on the table as there is not the takout bag sitting there, 2) does not confuse the server, 3) gives you fresher takeout.

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      1. re: OnDaGo

        Sure, there no doubt was an issue of communication. Still, I would have expected that as soon as I clarified the situation with the waitress that steps would have been taken to rectify her mistake instead of assuming that I would be content to eat out of a plastic bag.

        1. re: Starvin4U

          Try HoSu next time.. I have never been to the Young Eg one but the one on Queen has amazing attentive service and the owner is a sweetheart... and the lunch specials are amazingly cheap for the quantity and quality of the food... I once got takeout three days in a row because I was working late and the third day they gave me a complimentary soup to thank me..

          1. re: OnDaGo

            HoSu at Y&E isn't that great of sushi. I go to Sushi Rock on Yonge St and always have good service and excellent sushi. I would consider Sushi Rock and Eaton Sushi to be in the same category of sushi restaurants while I find HoSu to be below those. Although I will admit that this doesn't stop me from going to HoSu for really cheap sushi.

            I agree with other posters that this sounds more like an example of BAD service rather then being discriminated against because of being a 'table for one'

            1. re: camp1980

              I tend to stick to the cooked dishes which I find very good at HoSu. I am not a huge sushi guy...

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Sounds like the service was lousy, but I don't see what it has to do with you being solo...

          1. This isn't bad communication - it's bad service, plain and simple.

            I have eaten out byself 100s of times and have never had any problems so I'm not sure why so many people have done.