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Aug 6, 2007 07:56 PM

Sultan, new location?

I have read the rave reviews of the Sultan. I heard that the Sultan recently moved from Taylor St. to a new location in the Tenderloin. Since I don't care to wander in the 'loin looking for the place does anyone have information if it has indeed moved and to where?

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  1. Yes, please share their new location. I hear they've reopened and would like to dine there before going to the theater.

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    1. re: Tobias

      According to this thread below, Melanie reported back that they were supposed to open sometime in September. I e-mailed the owners a couple of weeks ago as well, and received no response.

      1. re: Tobias

        New location is reported to be 340 O'Farrell St, bang opposite the Hilton.

      2. I pass by every day while riding the 38L and peer out the window hoping to spy the new and open Sultan. Alas, as of yesterday, September 25th, the windows were still covered up in brown parchment paper.

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        1. re: sarvey

          Pls update us when Sultan opens.