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Aug 6, 2007 07:54 PM

Houston-Star Pizza

We met a friend of ours at Star Pizza at 2111 Norfolk. Excellent pizza. I had the Hank's pizza with sausage, mushrooms and black olives on whole wheat crust. They make their crusts and bread so you don't get the prepackaged type of taste. One of our party had the cannelloni. Excellent. Wait staff was great and didn't make pests of the themselves. Try the Shinerbock beer which is a local brand. They have another location in Houston. Go to to see their menu.


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  1. Thanks for the report...I always like a heads up on whats worth ordering before I go...and i do plan to go!

    1. I have frequented this establishment many times when I lived in Houston. This is one of my favorite pizza places to eat. We always got the Starburst pizza Chicago style on wheat. It has to be on wheat. It's so much better. Fresh ingredients and good crust flavor. Its so goood.

      1. Star Pizza is good from time to time, but overall, it's overrated and certainly shouldn't be called the best pizza in Houston. I wouldn't go out of the way for it. Romano's on Gray would be my pick.

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          I'm with air. I like Star, but it is inconsistent. I prefer Antonio's Flying Pizza on Hillcroft.

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            I agree with "air" - Star is a bit overrated. It's good, but not the BEST. Some of the best pizzas I've ever eaten were in Chicago. Obviously, I cannot get that all the time. Here in Houston, I like Late Night Pie, 502 Elgin St. I love their crust because it's chewy on the inside and crispy with big brown bubbles on the outside. It's not soggy on the bottom like Star Pizza often is. I don't do Late Night Pie for delivery - dine in only. Their delivery pizza is hit or miss in my experience.

            I also like the original Mario's all the way down in Galveston on 61st St. Collina's has a good pizza too. I've tried the Collina's locations on Richmond Ave, Times Blvd., and the one on W.19th St.

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              I also like Late Night Pie, but I've always found myself waiting for insane amounts of time there. When would you say is a good time to go?

              Coal Vines up in DFW also has crispy brown bubbles on their crust, so I totally get what you mean. Good stuff.

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                We like to visit Late Night Pie on Wed. or Thursdays around 7:30p.m. Sundays, around 6:00 is a good time too. Sometimes we go on a Friday or Saturday, but always before 9p.m. Mostly, we try to avoid Fridays and Saturdays. Good Luck!

          2. Star has always been consistant every time I go or should I say it has always been consistant with their Starburst wheat pizza. There other chicago style pizzas at Star that are just average for me. Dolce Vita is also very good and Romanos is just average at best.

            In my opinion, when you talk about overrated Coal Vines and Fireside Pies in Dallas is definitely up there.

            1. The starburst on wheat deep dish was always our go to pizza when we lived there. I miss it now that I am in suburbia in San Antonio with a choice of Dominos, Papa Johns, or Pizza Hut!