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Aug 6, 2007 07:31 PM

best family dimsum

My family and I are coming into town for weekend, I would like my girls(12 and 9) to experience dim sum. What place gives the best value, taste and show? Thanks

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  1. I am a culinary student and for my asian cuisine class my chef (also and asian woman) took us to a place in china town called phoenix, it was soooo good!!! Very great clean atmosphere. Casual but still classy. As a large group we all spent about 13 dollars for 12 peices each, which i thought was a great deal, that covered tip also. The service was impecable as well. This is one place that i highly recommend. Good luck on your search. You should be able to find it on the internet.

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      I was a big fan of Furama (2 locations) but last time I went it wasn't so good. It wasn't bad, but not great. As mentioned on another thread, Three Happiness is a fan favorite, but tends to run in to trouble with the health dept.

      Phoenix seems to be cleaner and good...but be ready to wait for a table. It gets crowded on the weekend.

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        The most popular times for dim sum in the chinese culture are saturdays ( early lunch/ brunch) and Sun after church brunch/ lunch. Its a great family meal. Go early or a little later and you are ok. Phoenix is by far my fav. I usually make my own dumplings and such, but it was very enjoyable to go to a place that was up to my cleanliness and taste standards.