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Aug 6, 2007 07:19 PM

Wild Flour Bakery - Banff

I loved this bakery. I didn't have enough eating opportunities to try as much as I would have liked. Great selection: breads, quick breads, desserts, simple meals.... many seasonal, organic ingredients featured (organic apricot and mango pavlova). I didn't try any of the actual food, but was very tempted by what I saw. It was busy morning and afternoon, and the man ahead of me in line said that he had driven for an hour to stock up, and he literally cleaned out the baskets. They also had alternative treats: brownie made of rye flour, a few gluten free options. I really wish they were here in Calgary.

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  1. This place is great! Very expensive (not surprising for Banff) however they do use organic ingredients. Over the course of a weekend in Banff we sampled croissants (huge and buttery!), ciabatta rolls (better than I've been able to find in Edmonton), espresso & cappuccino (they use locally roasted Kicking Horse organic fair-trade coffee), and breakfast panini.

    This place feels like it would be right at home on Queen West in Toronto or in Vancouver somewhere, fitting in with Banff's glitzy image I guess.

    1. I also liked and enjoyed this bakery very much. We ate there a couple of times during our vacation in Banff, and I wish I had had more eating opportunities. Everything was very good, pastries, soups, breads, teas, and coffee. The last day of our stay in Banff, and before leaving to the airport we bought several pastries to eat while waiting for our flight back to California. I remember everything been so good, but I had a yellow squash pie, something that I never had before, and it was incredible good, I remember it almost everyday. I can't wait to go back and this will be one of my first eating stops. Highly Recommended!!

      1. Sounds wonderful! Now I just have to figure out how to get DH to stop through there on the way to Kelowna this weekend :)