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Aug 6, 2007 07:08 PM

Hell's Kitchen Semi-Final 08/06/07 [moved from Not About Food board]

Am I the only one who is surprised at Julia being picked next to last? I guess one has to be there to truly appreciate knowing what's going on during the edits.

Anyway, I figure Bonnie is going to win since Fox/HK is hyping (and making it obvious) of the breakdown of the Red Team. The "surprise ending" thing. Who else didn't show up besides Eddie and Andy, and why?

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  1. I think everyone was wrongly afraid of Julia's emotions. She was not more emotional than any of the other women or Rock during the run of the show. She probably felt like she got hit with a brick with the emotions that hit her when she walked in. She couldn't have expected it. I don't see why so many people think she was a sore loser. she was being honest. Everyone else felt that way, you can tell by what Brad said, they just didn't cry.

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      I think they used her emotions as an excuse for their culinary snobbery. However, I also believe that Julia probably has the best deal out of everyone. There was no way she was going to win with her limited knowledge. I don't think the owners of the casino would have tolerated that. But getting what amounts to a scholarship to a culinary school, which I believe is probably a top notch one, and then being invited back personally by Ramsey to me seems like she will be much more successful than either Bonnie or Rock if she follows through. Julia absolutely schooled the whole group in the art of preparation and style.

      And yes you're right the ones who were kicked off feel the same way as Julia they just weren't as emotional.

    2. Just finished watching my taped episode. Think you are on the money about the culinary snobbery. I was appalled by it from the first. Julia may not have the schooling, but she has the smarts and the touch and good instincts. All the rest is very learn-able with a little intelligence. My opinion of GR increased tremendously since he was able to see what a diamond in the rough she is from the starting episode. I think coming back so soon just reopened the hurt which had not had time to start to heal. With time I hope she will see that she is really the winner with GR believing in her and providing an opportunity that will last longer than all the media chuppah. She may have been emotional, but I think once she gets her station & gets busy she will hold up. Some threads suggested she might sabotage Bonnie, by IMHO Julia is a straight shooter & has way too much integrity for those sorts of games.