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Aug 6, 2007 06:44 PM

Need to find a place for a brunch

Help not from the area but need to make a 50th birthday party on a Sunday morning. Anyone recommend a place with decent atmosphere, private room in the Philly area.

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  1. I have been to London Grill often for brunch and the food and service is always great. I do know they have a room they rent out for private parties. I considered hosting a bridal shower there and I recall their private party menu was pretty good and the prices reasonable for the area.

    1. The Manayunk Brewery/Restaurant (although it sounds casual) actually has a very nice Sunday brunch w/ live jazz music. I've been once, and was very impressed by the selection, they had seasonal bakery items (in Oct, they had a pumpkin bread pudding that was to die for) and they have all the brunch basics as well. The website:
      Although it is not located downtown, it's a quick drive up Kelley Drive or 76.

      1. My bridal shower was at Popi's in South Philly. They have good food and a nice sized private room.

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        1. I second London; I've been to a bridal shower there, and it was very good. They have a really nice brunch there, as well.
          Also I think that Rembrandts has a private room as well.