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What to order at Stanton Social?

What are good items for dinner and for brunch? Also, which desserts are the best?

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  1. Brunch: everything is great! One of my fave brunches in the city.
    Dinner: Sliders, French onion soup dumplings...so much more
    Dessert: Donuts!

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      I second the sliders! Try their fun drinks, too.

    2. Sliders, red snapper tacos and the crab fritters are all fantastic! I also second the donuts for dessert- great dipping sauces!

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        Yes! Yes! Roze's suggestions plus LeahBaila's suggestion of French onion soup dumplings. Heaven!

      2. Have only been for dinner but I loved the lettuce squid wraps, though they might not be everyone's taste. Also good: the pizette with tomato and mozz, the lobster pasta and a second for the red snapper tacos.

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        1. re: EVchickadee

          french onion soup dumplings and definitely the donuts!
          a little less exciting but the edamame and french fries are both really good.
          i like the red snapper tacos and sliders a lot and the watermelon salad is a nice refreshing summer dish.

        2. Thanks for all these suggestions. I'm from DC but have been dieing to try Stanton Social for months now. I'm heading to NYC in a few weeks to visit my brother and future sister-in-law and they have surprised me by making a reservation.

          My other recent obsession (thanks a lot Anthony Bourdain for making me obsessed with something hard to find in DC) are soup dumplings...so french onion soup dumplings are certainly on the list.

          Just out of curiosity, how many dishes do you usually order for 3 or 4 people? You share everything correct?

          1. Also you guys all say we should get the sliders...but which sliders do you recommend? Looking at the online menu there seem to be at least 5 (all amazing sounding) options.

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            1. re: Elyssa

              The beef sliders are my fave! Also, try the brie and peach quesadilla!

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                i think 2 - 3 dishes per person is probably good. or maybe do 2 dishes per person plus sliders. my favorite sliders are the kobe burgers and the lobster rolls.

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                  Just curious how many sliders come in an order?

            2. Can't wait! We have reservations there on Monday night. I'm in from out of town, but taking a girlfriend who lives in the WV and hasn't been yet. Not often I get to take a local somewhere new!

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                I just went to Stanton Social and loved it. You might want to arrive a bit early and sit upstairs in the bar for a bit. We sat on the comfy sofas, ordered drinks and one appetizer there before going donwstairs to our table. The bar is lively and fun. A good way to start the evening! We ordered so much food and everything was great.

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                  Can you eat a full meal in the bar if the wait is too long? Also how crucial are reservations?

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                    Wow. I'm so happy to find people that still like Stanton Social! The Chowhound board shamed me into not wanting to go back!

                    The french onion dumpings are to die for. The pulled pork sliders are great, but the lobster ones are just alright... I've been wanting to try the peach and brie quesadillas - they weren't on the menu last time I was there a couple of years ago. My parents absolutely loved the lamb tacos.

                    Here's a question though: Does Stanton Social do takeout and is it advisable? I know the french onion soup dumpings come in (yes in, not on) a special kind of plate... how would they package them otherwise for takeout?