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Aug 6, 2007 06:19 PM

3 nights in Montreal in September

I'll be in Montreal for business for 3 nights in September, staying in the Gault in Old Montreal, and want to maximize the eating experience. I've heard Montreal is a fantastic city for food, so where are you guys eating? I need breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recommendations. Any cuisine. Any price point (though a mix of high and low would be good). Definitely need a brunch recommendation for a Sunday. Nothing toursity, please. If your friend or family member who'd never been to Montreal were coming up, what menu of restaurants would you put together for them? Thanks!

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  1. This sounds like the trip I'm planning, only I won't be expensing it :) I've been reading through the "quintessential Montreal" thread and will watch this one as well.

    1. There is a Breakfast/Brunch thread with notes indicating which places are open/closed on Sundays.

      Here is a nice place in Old Montreal for a very nice LUNCH Tuesday – Fridays with a good QPR:

      This is a VERY ACTIVE board. Use the Search This Board function and you will find your breakfast, lunch and dinner questions have probably been answered and even debated.

      1. You have to go to Reservoir for brunch. You will not regret it. It is mentioned in almost every thread about brunch, and for all the right reasons.

        1. Mostly through recommendations on this board I've loved brunch at Byblos, casual lunches at Olive & Gourmando and Le Petit Alep.