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Aug 6, 2007 05:50 PM

Newer Creameries in CT - Ice Cream

Wells Hollow Farm - Shelton, CT - Standing where they used to have their cows is now a brand-new creamery. Ice cream is excellent and they made a nice place to sit down with a view of some of their remaining farm animals--mostly chickens. Their farm stand is on the other side, so it is a nice weekend stop. I had an incredible coconut concoction with shaved chocolate mixed in; I think it was called Eskimo Kisses--yummy! All the girls working here the day we went were very cheerful and nice.

Walnut Beach Creamery - Milford, CT - Down Naugatuck Ave near Walnut Beach is a fabulous ice cream find out of a house. Owner makes her own unique flavors by hand I believe so when it is gone, it's gone. They also have flavors for dogs. I found the ordering a bit confusing as they don't list the explanations, so you are left wondering what "such-and-such" flavor is and don't want to bother the staff with endless questions. There was a small blackboard outside listing SOME of the flavors. We ventured inside (hard to even notice you could go inside) where we found a list of explanation plus many many more flavors not listed on the chalkboard outside. Our ice cream was delicious. They also designed a beautiful backyard patio out of the former driveway with some nice shrubs, tables and chairs, lighting, etc. I had a chocolate cherry flavor. The chocolate was incredible. All the staff here were also very very friendly, patient and nice.

Both of these places are great. I will post this also in the New England Board.

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  1. This topic didn't get much play, so I wanted to bump it. Went to Wells Hollow again on Saturday night. SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOD. Lines were long. THey started a great new system, where you pay first, get a number, wait while lots of staff fill the orders, then they call your number. SO SMART. I always hate fumbling with your money while someone hands you a cone. Go there. So worth it.
    It was pitch black outside when we were there, so I couldn't see how much progress was made on the animal viewing area. cars were parked all over the place. We parked on the farm stand side and walked back. Lines went fast. Ice cream was just delicious. I got Eskimo Kisses again and my mother had Butter Pecan that was also incredible. My son had his Superman ice cream. Staff are so nice too.

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      I went there and noticed that there were a few flavors I had while visiting Mackinack Island in Michigan. I think that this ice cream tastes better when it is in Michigan. :)