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Aug 6, 2007 05:29 PM

What do people eat in Norwood, MA?

I have a business trip this week to Norwood, MA and Walpole, MA. The towns are apparently south west of Boston. Is there anything that anyone would recommend in the general area?

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  1. Coriander in Sharon for great French, Bistro 712 in Norwood, some like the Old Colonial. There is a very small Thai resturant on Washington St and Byblos for Middle Eastern.

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    1. re: trufflehound

      I've had a couple of take out meals from Byblos and really enjoyed them. Kibbe was great.

      1. re: MB fka MB

        Coriander has the same name, same place but is now an Indian and Tibetan restaurant - good food. They have a buffet at lunchtime.

    2. And you MUST hit Cedar market off of Main St. for EXCELLENT Lebanese goods and sandwiches...their meats in the back are fantastic!!!

      1. If they're smart, they eat Italian food at Abbondonza II on Washington St. or Joe & Maria's on Rte. 1. Byblos is fun Middle Eastern, Perks is a cute coffee spot on Washington St.. There's a good NY style pizzeria off Rt. 1 whose name escapes me. Even the Norwood branch of Outback is better than some of the others I've been to.

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          Santucci's is the pizza. Very good, but cash only.

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            I see it's an old thread but Joe and Maria's is sadly out of business.

          2. I agree with the suggestions of Coriander (dinner only), Byblos (lunch/dinner), and Cedar (on Route 1 Southbound side). I prefer Byblos over Cedar. Byblos makes a killer baba ghanouj. I'd also suggest Siam Lotus (lunch/dinner) on Route 1 Southbound side for great Thai food and excellent soft shell crabs. One Bistro in the Four Points Sheraton Hotel is not bad, but not terribly interesting. It is a good quiet place for a business meal if necessary.

            I'm not a fan of the Old Colonial. I thought the few meals I've had there were not very well prepared.

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              The OCC hasn't been the same since they moved downtown and started using frozen food for their entrees. Not happy with the changes there

            2. Wow! Thanks for the great recs. At least I can daydream about good Lebanese/Thai food during 10 hours of meetings. : )