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Arnie Morton's Steak and Seafood for two: $99?

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Have you tried this in any of their 3 locations? Was this a super meal? Which of the three
Arnie Morton's do you lke best, or how they compare ambiance and otherwise?

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  1. We had it at the Beverly Hills location. Seemed like an excellent value to us. The single cut filet's were excellent and the amount of food you get is way more than ample.

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        As you note below in reply to manku, they only have one BH location -- the one on La Cienega Blvd.

    1. We also ate at the Beverly Hills location and it was dee-licious! So much food too! And the "parade of meat" at the beginning was fun (if you haven't been, they show you the raw meat cuts tableside before the meal.) You get a huge loaf of bread, salad, a seafood dish, steak and two sides to share. It's a great deal, dinner for two at Arnie Morton's is usually closer to $150-$200 I'd say.

      Arnie Morton's, the Steakhouse-Beverly Hills
      435 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048

      1. we had it twice downtown before seeing a show. sooo much food. incredible deal becaue you also get two desserts. i usually frequent beverly hills but downtown is actually a little more quiet.

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          You're right, how could I forget the dessert?? Molten chocolate cake, yum (I don't care if it's a cliche, it's a yummy cliche!) The Beverly Hills branch was certainly lively, I could see it being too loud for some.

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            Had it at the Costa Mesa location the other night for my sister's rehersal dinner, really is a HUGE deal with the amount of food you get. I will say one diner thought her filet was awful...tasted like liver to her so you may not be getting the highest quality in the house but that being said the shrimp were huge and perfectly cooked and my steak tasted fine.

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              They do not have Arni Morton's in Costa Mesa. Do you mean Morton's Steak House?

        2. The BH location is the best -- often a whole different world from the other locations, less like a chain and more like a local spot. A bit noisy though, a very New York feel.They always serve a ton of food on the specials, though my family consists of light eaters anyway so we take food home even ordering off the regular menu. As for the filet tasting off as referenced below, I would send it back. My wife has had the filet at AM many times, and it is always excellent, but a bad bit can slip in at even the best of places and you should let them know. The BH location in particular is very customer oriented. Go and enjoy!

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            Agree....they have fantastic customer service (btw, the filet can often taste "livery"...one reason REAL meat lovers don't order it :^) )...i went a couple weeks back to BH for the special - lots of great food (they waived corkage too.)

            The food was better than CUT, and less than half the price.

            No attitude, either.

            My steakhouse of choice for years now.


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              By BH location you mean the 435 N La Cienega in LA?

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                Yes. Just a little north of Wilshire. Depending on where you are coming from, it is sometimes easier to turn north on Willamen at Wilshire (there is a light), take it to Burton Way, turn right on Burton Way and then an immediate right on to La Cienega and right into the Arnie Morton's valet parking area.

            2. This was the best deal ever! I was also at the BH location, and the service was excellent. Our dishes were awesome, esp the chocolate cake... and I don't even like sweets. When we went, the shrimps were a little overcooked, but the filets were tender and flavorful. Not my usual favorite (I prefer bone-in rib eye), but it was very tasty.

              Went to Taylor's the other night, and AM was just so, so much better, and with the deal right now, it's cheaper than Taylor's.

              1. Is this offered daily? I didn't see it on their online menu.

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                  They have been running it on and off for quite sometime, (the last year or so). I just looked at their web site and a box with this special popped up on their home page. I am not sure if this link will take you there or not, but give it a try, (it will say Steak & Seafood for Two):


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                    I took a look at the link and got the information--much appreciated!

                2. Had this deal at the Beverly Hills location this weekend and it was great! Everything was done extremely well. My steak was perfectly cooked medium-rare, with a nice charred outside and red inside. The service was excellent. And the value can't be beat...I added up what the meal would have cost ordering a la carte off the regular menu, and the total was something like $170! So for $99, you really can't go wrong.

                  1. It is a good deal, the one caveat is, once you throw in a few cocktails and/or a decent bottle of wine from the heinously conventional and highly priced wine list and maybe a coffee at the end of your meal - you are looking at two-bills at the very least. Also, their deserts are pretty mediocre.
                    All kvetching aside, my filet was as tasty as that cut gets, the char was superb and the middle was perfectly on the rare side of medium-rare, which was just the way I ordered it.

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                      do you know what their corkage policies and fees may be? I was looking at their website, and didn't see anything. Many times, you can bring something much more interesting, at a better price.

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                        It was $25 the last time I checked (sometime last year).

                    2. Family is planning on dinner May 12 for party of 8 at Arnie Mortons downtown. Husband and I have dined there before and always are left with more food than we can eat. We do not live in LA and stay at a hotel so taking leftovers home isn't an option. The last time my husband ordered the double cut prime rib and I ordered the smaller ribeye steak with sides of baked potato and creamed spinach. The portion still were huge I was wondering if the staff frowns on splitting an order for example one double cut prime rib or larger filet for two with the sides of spinach and potato.? Has anyone ordered in this manner at Morton's?
                      It would seem then we could try a salad and dessert . Not being a regular of the restaurant we sometimes don't want to offend with split orders but in this case it makes sense. Some of our party will have hearty appetites so we are looking forward to their enjoyment of the menu. But, for husband and I smaller portions make for happier cardiologists. Hope some one on the board can advise us? Thanks in advance.

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                        Morton's has always seemed like a very accommodating restaurant, and I can't imagine that you are the only diners they get that have this problem. With a party of 8 I doubt that they would give you any difficulty, but if you really want to get their blessing why not call, (or perhaps email them - I have emailed on a couple of occasions over the years and they have always replied) and discuss this issue with their MOD?

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                          Well dinner was a huge success. I did take advice and called ahead and asked about menu and split orders. They were very accomodating and explained that sides can be served "family style" and shared. Husband and I shared bone-in rib eye med/rare and it was delicious with sides of creamed spinach and zesty macaroni/cheese. We each had the Mortons Salad and for once we felt responsible with the order. The "kids"-college aged daughter and friends ordered filet mignons,salmon, and standard size rib eye. Since it was a end of school year celebration we splurged on the towering Ocean platter as starter for the table which looked as good as it tasted. A nice surprise at meal's end was a complimentary hot chocolate cake with candle and ice cream served to one of our guests who was graduating. We were so impressed because we had only mentioned the graduation in passing to our server. In addition on the bill my husband said their was a deduction of $13.00 with a notation "grad discount". We felt so welcomed at this restaurant even though we have been there twice before for the similar occasion of "end of finals" beginning of summer. I am going to email our thanks to Mortons for their thoughtfulness and especially for making the graduate feel extra special. Such a nice thing to do for a young 21 year old on her first occasion at their restaurant.

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                            Thanks for your report. Always good to hear when a recommendation results in a hit. We went for Mothers Day to the Beverly Hills location. It was a $59 special that included a choice of Morton's salad or a caesar a main course, one side per person from the potato or vegetable catagory and either the molten lava cake or their cheesecake. It was an excellent meal and a really good value with friendly, professional service.