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Aug 6, 2007 04:05 PM

Just bought ice cream freezer-- what to make?

I just bought the Cuisinart ice cream freezer, and need to inaugurate it tomorrow. What is your favorite recipe? I'm kind of thinking lemon or mango sorbet, though I may get overruled by my two teenage sons, who may demand mint chocolate chip ice cream. I have a bag of really good frozen cherries in the freezer, some tiny chocolate chips and vanilla ice cream would be good... (how does this freezer do with add ins like that, any experiences to share?)

Also, while I'm on the topic, if I sub lighter cream for the heavy cream the recipe calls for, will it wreck the texture and effect the freezing? (Or just not be quite as creamy, sad I know, but I am watching my weight). (I like the fact that compared to my old fashioned ice cream freezer, this one only makes a limited amount.)

Any especially delicious frozen yogurt recipes?

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  1. Get this book ASAP:

    If you want something funky, I recommend this (better after one day of freezing):

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      Wow -- that Roquefort and honey ice cream from David Lebovitz sounds delish!

    2. You are gonna have soo much fun! Mix-ins are easy: you'll know as you watch the process when to put the goodies in. Remember to macerate the cherries in either something alcoholic or sugar to keep them from getting too hard to chew. I love texture in frozen treats but not the tooth breaking kind. Nitty Gritty Cookbooks do an Ice Cream Machine book that I've had good results with. Enjoy!

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        See the posting "Mark Bittman's Cornstarch Ice Cream" on this board for some great ideas.

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          I would start out with some fresh peach ice cream.

      2. Lucky you. I have one and I love it, I've tried quite a few although I'm guilty haven't tried the mix-ins yet. I love the Lemon Sorbet.
        Have fun!!

        1. I got one thinkiing: oh, sorbets... but I have not gotten past the icr cream!
          You should immediately purchase Ben & Jerry's Icecream and dessert book. The french vanilla is divine. Mix in frozen fruits. The recipe for chocolate in the cuisinart booklet is a-okay.
          Keep it full fat.

          1. I'm so glad you are all encouraging, I bought it on a whim and thought maybe I was being silly... I can hardly wait for the tub to freeze. Are the results edible immediately, or if I like hard ice cream/sorbet, am I going to want to put it in the freezer for a bit before eating? (if I have the self-restraint)