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Aug 6, 2007 03:55 PM

Inoteca or Stanton Social

I am getting together with a group of 5 friends for my birthday and need advice - Inoteca or Stanton Social? I have been to Inoteca many times, and love it, but they don't accept reservations for such a small party and I don't want to be stuck waiting with my friends instead of enjoying my birthday. I was able to get a reservation at the Stanton Social but have never been there. I hear negative things about their portion sizes but generally good things about the atmosphere and food. I know that the two restaurants are very different but want to stay on the LES. Which would you recommend for a relaxing, fun, and relatively wallet friendly evening? Also, keep in mind that two of us are vegetarians.

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    1. Second that...Stanton Social. Everything I've had there is very good quality. Personally, I don't see the big deal with Inoteca. The food is "ehh" and the quality of the cheese is not always up to par.

      1. The Stanton Social! My friends and I have a hard time going to new places for birthdays because everyone always requests to go there. Some good things to share: the onion soup dumplings, duck confit empanadas, crabcake corn dogs, peach & brie quesadillas. I also like the Kobe beef sliders and the mini lobster rolls. For dessert, the doughnuts are delicious! Last time I was there with a group, the total came to around $70 a person w/ drinks (if I remember correctly).


        1. I'd definitely call Stanton Social fun... I don't know if I would call it relaxing or relatively wallet friendly. I think you can do the latter as long as the whole group is cognizant of keeping the cost low. And as for relaxing, its definitely loud, crowded and scene-y. When I have been in a large group, I've found it difficult to talk to anyone not sitting right next to me at the table. That being said, I've always found the service to be great and I have never felt rushed to get out of there. So, if you don't mind the noise/scene, it is a fun place for a group.