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Where is the best Canolli in Chicago?

There has to be a good Italian bakery in Chicago somewhere that has great canolli.

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  1. While I don't live in Chicago, a special friend does and he says he would drive out of his way for cannoli from "Original" Ferrara Bakery, Inc. on Taylor St. in Italian town.

    Their website says they've been around since 1908.

    1. I don't know if it's the 'best,' but I had some fantastic cannolis at Rosebud on Rush. Probably the best i've ever had.

      1. I had some pretty darned good cannoli at Cafe Spiaggia a few years ago.

        1. Hands down, you're going to find the best canolli at Sicilia Bakery. And get a few pieces of their homemade pizza for the ride home. Bet you'll eat it cold.

          Sicilia Bakery
          5937 W. Lawrence Ave.

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            I second the rec for Sicilia. Don't forget to get an assortment of cookies while you are there. Or even better a canolli cake to go along with your canolli's.

          2. The cannoli, and much else, at La Scarola, 721 W. Grand, is always delish.

            1. La Tavernetta at 3023 N. Broadway has my favorite Cannoli...a little family run basement spot. The best I've had...

              1. Pasticceria Natalina in Andersonville (5400 block of north Clark) hands down. I've eaten a lot of canolli in Italy and these compare to the real thing. They also make sfogliatelle, which are ridiculously good.

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                  I totally agree. All of their pastries are outstanding. They keep the cannoli nice and light and not too sweet. Amazing stuff.

                2. Tony's Italian Deli 6708 N Northwest Hwy, Chicago, IL - (773) 631-0055
                  This is a gem in Edison Park. I have eaten (and mostly disliked) cannoli all over the world. Theirs is good!

                  Tony's Italian Deli
                  6708 N Northwest Hwy, Chicago, IL 60631

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                    I have never seen many cannolis at Tony's Italian Deli.

                    However, Conca D'oro Bakery next door makes a very good cannoli that us filles while you wait. The cream filling is excellent.

                    Conca D’oro Bakery
                    6710 N Northwest Hwy,

                  2. Sicilia Bakery at 5939 West Lawrence has the BEST cannoli’s anywhere. They make them still by hand and are the freshest anywhere. Definitely something everyone should try. If you are a cannoli connoisseur I guarantee these will be the best you ever have.

                    1. Ge Pa De Caffe'
                      60 E Adams
                      made fresh to order!!!

                      1. Ok old thread, but but D'amato's deserves a mention

                        D'Amato's is an old school Italian bakery in the West Loop. They have very good cannoli, and even sell a giant party-size cannoli (filled with regular sized ones) for $40. Good crusty coal-fired breads as well. Also, the mushroom and bell pepper sheet pan pizza here may be my favorite pizza of any kind in the entire city.

                        1. im eating a cannoli from original ferrara bakery right now. it is absolutely scrumptious!!!