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Aug 6, 2007 03:18 PM

ABQ lunch recs: near the Journal Center

I just got a job on Jefferson right near the Journal Center, and I would love to get some recommendations for good lunch places. I tried Jimmy's this afternoon, and it was pretty good. Don't care about what kind of food it is, as long as it's good.

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  1. I've heard good things about that French place.

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      Isn't that Café Voila? I had lunch there with my mother, and enjoyed it very much--good food and service, and very calming atmosphere.

    2. Millie's Diner on Jefferson; Hello Deli in the shopping center where Starbucks is on Jefferson; over at The 25! Way there's lots of places: Pars for Mediterranean; Boston's Pizza; PF Changs is on the frontage road [southbound, west side]; Mimi's Cafe; Rockfish; Owl Cafe [gotta have green chile cheeseburger and a shake there!!]
      There are quite a few near PF Chang's too am drawing a momentary blank but these should get you started.

      1. Thanks for all the responses! I definitely want to try all these places. I'm basically right next door to the Hello Deli, so I can walk over to try that. And Mediterranean sounds really good right now. I'll try Pars sometime soon!