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Aug 6, 2007 02:45 PM

Dishes with Uni

My wife and I go for sushi on something of a regular basis. One of my favorite items when we do is uni. I'd like to know, then, what your favorite non-sushi dishes utilizing uni in San Francisco are and where I may find them. Any cuisine is good, including Japanese places or sushi bars with creative uni dishes, I'm curious to explore different ways this ingredient is used. Thanks!

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  1. Two's spaghettini with sea urchin.

    1. Tanto: Baked Scallop with uni

      1. Ame's chawan mushi w/uni, and Lissa's staff meal with uni, cuttlefish noodles and a quail egg.

        1. A yelp review mentioned a special of the evening uni fettucini at Ristorante Capannina. Call ahead and ask for availability if you go.

          1809 UNION STREET
          Phone : (415) 409-8001

          Although I myself am of the school that uni just tastes great by itself, or lightly seared with a blowtorch on top (try this at your favorite sushi restaurant next time). Noteworthy is Koo (San Francisco) use of uni as an appetizer on a Chinese style soup spoon (two actually, hence dubbed two spoonfuls of double happiness). The "egg" themed spoon is uni (not egg, but gonads) with tobiko, uzura (quail egg) and some sort of sauce? and I'm trying to recall if it had truffle oil on it or if that was on the other spoon (white fish wrapped around monkfish liver). Served with a shot of sake, the idea is you take in a spoonful, then a big sip of sake. The results are quite astounding.

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            The Koo dish is "A Spoonful of Happiness - Spoonful of Uni, Quall Egg, Tobiko, Ponzu & Ankimo wrapped with whitefish, Truffle-Oil & a shot of chilled Sake" from the Koo website.
            Highly recommended... happiness indeed!

          2. The best uni I've ever had was nigiri at Sebo a few weeks ago. Fresh, wild, Japanese, flown in that day.

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              Definitely. Hokkaido baifun (horse poop - shape of the outer shell, that is) uni is the prize of all prizes, as they say. Definitely good good good golden brown stuff. I would shudder at the thought of using this improperly in cooked dishes.

              Last year at Kaygetsu's sushi bar in Menlo Park, I had Hokkaido scallops nigiri, but the killer sauce Toshi-san applied on top was a thick textured uni and miso mix with a pinch of caviar on top. It was unibelievably great.

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                Straight-up is also my favorite way to have uni. In honor of this threadt I changed my avatar to a photo of the fabulous uni breakfast I had at Bistro Sanyo in the huge Ota marketplace in Tokyo (although it's too teeny to show much detail, so I'll probably change it back).