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Aug 6, 2007 02:42 PM

Good, fresh, inexpensive Mexican?

I'm sick of Blockheads, even though it's good for what it is. I've been to the expensive places, and I've been to the chains (Chipotle, etc). I'm looking for good, fresh, inexpensive and/or moderately-priced, basic Mexican food in NYC. Can't ever really think of a good place. Suggestions?

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    1. re: wryorwhite

      La Palapa is NOT inexpensive.

      Check out the places on Amsterdam around 100th St.

      1. re: wryorwhite

        Man, we had the *worst* experience at La Palapa in w. village. Food and drinks were way overpriced, and everything was thoroughly mediocre. Have others had good experiences there?

      2. El paso taqueria.. Not just tacos, really good Mexican..

          1. re: holland_oats

            Tulcingo rocks...also check out Barrio Chino.

          2. Downtown Mexican Bakery on 1st Avenue around 5th street. 0 atmosphere. Great food.

                1. re: Jel212

                  Rosa Mexicano across from Lincoln Center