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Aug 6, 2007 02:39 PM

help - wedding in rome!!!

Help!!! We're looking for a restaurant for dinner after our wedding in Rome. We want somewhere with great food and not too 'elegant weddingy', which to me equals 'uninspiring food' - if you know what I mean!

However, my parents, who are paying for it, want a 'memorable' location. Any thoughts on something that would make us all happy. Would be great to have somewhere we could hire out for ourselves, but at this stage (wedding is in October!) we'll go for anything. There'll be around 34 of us. Any ideas greatfully received - the alternative is we call the whole thing off!!!

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  1. There have been several recent posts on the Italy board in the past 6 months on exactly what you are asking, including reports from those who selected from these recommendations and posted information on the results. Search a little!