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Aug 6, 2007 02:26 PM

Bachelorette party - restaurant recommendations?

Hello everyone,

We are planning a bachelorette party and are looking for a fun restaurant with great food as well as a great atmosphere! Will be a small party (under 10) and we are open to various locations and ideas. We have heard about Cuchi Cuchi, Tangierno Casbah Lounge, and Dali but have never been there to know from experience. Any opinions on these places or additional ideas? Thank you!

Kindest Regards.

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  1. I've read quite a few posts about poor service at Cuchi Cuchi, but I haven't been myself. Many love Dali, but to me, it's overrated. You might consider the Monday Club at Upstairs at the Square. Great cocktails, fun atmosphere, very good food. A fine place for bachelorettes, I think.

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    1. how about mani/pedis followed by lunch or dinner at a place that caters to girlish rendevous'? My suggestions would be Teke's followed by bin 26 or lauren's followed by via matta...

      1. While I'm one of the ones that enjoys Dali, I wouldn't go there for a birthday or a wedding celebration - the waitstaff has a whole routine (which many of them *really* dislike having to do!) where they'll put a bridal veil on the bride-to-be and they all stand around singing "She's Getting Married In The Morning". One of them has a little bubble blower blowing bubbles over the crowd, and they have a tall frog candlestick with a lit candle which the bride blows out and kisses the frog for good luck.

        A bit TGIFriday-ish.

        1. I had a small bachelorette party and we had dinner at Fugakyu. We had one of the tatami rooms off of the sushi bar. The atmosphere is definitely cool, and the food is great.

          1. I think the best suggestions will kinda depend on where you want to be before/after you eat.

            here are some by location:
            Leather District/Downtown Crossing:
            + Peking Tom's on Kingston St. (asian fusion, good for groups, fun cocktails)

            Cambridge/Inman Sq:
            + East Coast Grille (adventurous seafood and southernized local specialities)

            Cambridge/Kendall Sq:
            + Dante (Royal Sonesta, it's got a nice patio overlooking the Charles)

            South End:
            + Stella (Italian, always packed)

            Back Bay:
            + Douzo (sushi)

            North End:
            ? sadly I haven't been recently enough to comment on a perfect place for this sort of event, but I'm sure there are at least 3 fun restaurants that would fit the bill (Prezza? Lucca? Antico Forno?)

            just some thoughts from someone who's never been to a bachelorette ;)

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              The Lava Lounge at East Coast Grille would be just about the right size, fun, and secluded enough without being separate from the liveliness of the rest of the place (AND you can get the much-touted pu-pu platter!).

              You'll also have the option of a couple of decent bars (Bukowski and Druid, at least -- the B Side is also a longer walk but great as well) and/or ice cream at Christina's afterwards within a couple of blocks.

              1. re: icculus

                I walked passed Peking Toms the other's closed.

                1. re: drewames03

                  ooops, thanks for the headsup
                  "Peking Tom closed its doors on June 16, 2007. "