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Tavern at the Park

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We have friends coming in from Eurpoe for a visit, thinking of going to Tavern at the Park, the new restaurant on Randolph across from Millenium Park. Since it is new, would like to know if any of my fellow chowhounds have been. Any early reviews?

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  1. II've tried it. I don't think I'd recommend it for dinner but, if you wanted to stop for a snack and a drink…well…maybe. The location is nice ( you get a good view of the park) but the food was mall food (think Applebee's). It's also surrounded by a put-put golf course, very touristy, but not exactly good food.

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      Remoulade - are you sure you're talking about Tavern at the Park in the Prudential Building? There is no putt-putt course there. The putt-putt is over on Monroe I think.

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        You're right...my bad. I was thinking of the space on Monroe...I take it all back. Sorry.

    2. There's an early review in today's "Dish" column in Chicago magazine. And it ain't pretty. www.chicagomag.com/Chicago-Magazine/D...

      1. Tavern at the Park is great! Went during their first opening week and brought friends the week after. Everyone really liked what they got and the atmosphere is Chicago, so I think it's perfect for out of town guests. Tried the pork chop (which I wouldn't normally order) and it was awesome. Be sure to try the chicken fondue ap. Friendly staff, great service. You'll have a great experience.

        1. I have been to the tavern 3 times since the opening and it is amazing. It is what the area needs and I highly recommend it. The service and food are amazing!

          1. I ate there today and it was terrible. We had a tuna appetizer which was terrible. I ordered the fish sandwich- terrible. My boyfriend had the fettucine with scallops- terrible. We ordered the apple crisp for desert and it was a big bowl of mush and icecream- terrible.

            The only redeeming thing was the soup. I had tomato bisque and he had "french" onion. It tasted good- but it was not traditional french onion. Had a very smokey taste to it. Two thumbs WAY down!

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              I completely agree with "Blondie." We ate there over the weekend, and were very disappointed, given the "buzz" it's getting. We chose it because we were looking for a casual night out, but found it almost too low-key. The place is warmly decorated, but has a strange layout. If you go, ask for a table upstairs overlooking the park. As for food, my husband had a filet with a blue cheese crust - just okay - and I had the fettucine with scallops, which I thought were terrible. The highlight was the Cookies and Cream Fondue, which could easily feed several people.